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Has anyone got any unwanted tickets for the Chelsea Flower Show -please help!!

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BosworthBear Sat 15-May-04 07:16:20

I have promised my Mother that I would take her to the Chelsea flower show this year in return for the help she gives us with the children. We've not been before and I didn't realise how quickly it sold out.... I went to book them last night and they only had Thurs evening 5.30 - 8 left. As we would be travelling from Leicestershire this is too late (I had hoped to get Thursday day tickets) I tried all of the web sites I could think of last night with no joy. Does anyone have any tickets that they no longer want or know where I could buy some for the Weds, Thurs or Friday Day or Half day sessions? Will happily pay for tickets if any are out there.

toddlerbob Sun 16-May-04 01:45:21


mummysurfer Sun 16-May-04 07:15:50

here are some but they all look like Thursday
probably worth watching out for though.

mummysurfer Sun 16-May-04 07:18:29

bet that first seller is chuffed to bits. £52 for the tickets & upto £100 already

BosworthBear Sun 23-May-04 08:09:56

Still haven't got any - the ebay ones are going for £130-200!! a pair for a £29 tickets. I will have to be more organised and buy early next year (and poss buy some spares if this is the market for them!!!!) Oh well, I'll have to break it to my mother, do you think a bunch of flowers and the TV schedule so she doesn't miss the coverage is a good substitute?

foxinsocks Sun 23-May-04 09:07:05

Bosworth, there are some on for Thursday. It doesn't say that they are specifically for the evening but maybe I am missing something. Worth a look

chelsea flower show tickets

foxinsocks Sun 23-May-04 09:08:40

in fact, I think they are general admission - it seems to say from 8am.....they look quite cheap though. Maybe give them a try.

Hayley14 Tue 14-May-13 15:27:43

Message deleted by Mumsnet for breaking our Talk Guidelines. Replies may also be deleted.

AttilaTheMeerkat Tue 14-May-13 16:11:12

This is from RHS's website (think these tickets went on sale back in February).

"RHS official ticketing partner are The TicketFactory, ATG and RedBox.
Members’ day tickets can only be purchased officially from The TicketFactory, ATG or RedBox.
Please do not purchase from any other source, especially ‘resale’ websites.
It is against the terms and conditions of sale to resell tickets for gain and any such tickets purchased will be rendered null and void".

Tuesday and Wednesday this year are Members Only Days (the first day for the public is Thursday).

You may actually want to become a member of the RHS.

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