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Caledonian Sleeper pregnant & toddler

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CousinChloe Mon 26-Oct-15 16:27:15

Next year I've been invited to a wedding in Scotland when I'll be 36 weeks pregnant.

DH and I will be taking our 2.5 year old. We're trying to make the website work for. Virtual tour but it's not really working - any advice about how we could manage the sleeper? We're thinking of getting a first class cabin - will there be room for the toddler to sleep anywhere? Happy to share a bed though obviously putting a buggy in for her to sleep in would be easier!

Never done this before, but we're desperate to go to this wedding (best man and flower girl!) and flying isn't an option. We could do normal daytime train but I'd really like to be away from home for the least time possible...

toots111 Mon 26-Oct-15 18:21:35

The sleeper train takes forever and to be honest is pretty uncomfortable. I didn't go first class but I certainly wouldn't have fancied what I did at 36 weeks pregnant. Sorry!

mangocoveredlamb Mon 26-Oct-15 18:27:04

I don't think you'd fit a riddle in the bed, or a pram in the cabin.
You might be alright second class but booking two joining cabins, as the first class and second class are the same size wise, but in 2nd you have two bunks.
You could put toddler on the bottom and DH on the top.
You can then open the door between the two cabins.
Where in Scotland are you going? Because the sleeper is a long old journey!

mangocoveredlamb Mon 26-Oct-15 18:27:50

A riddle in the bed.
I think I meant I don't think you'd fit you and a toddler in the bed!

HMF1 Mon 26-Oct-15 18:29:47

I travelled on the sleeper just under a year ago, I said then never again. I couldn't sleep narrow & uncomfortable bed also there is a green light which remains on. I really wouldn't reccomend it.

curriegirl Tue 27-Oct-15 17:11:58

The sleeper is miserable. Can't you fly or take the train?

curriegirl Tue 27-Oct-15 17:12:12

Train by day is what I mean.

CousinChloe Wed 28-Oct-15 06:09:21

Hmm these replies are all pretty unanimous!

Don't think I'll be allowed to fly at 36+ weeks, though that would definitely be my preference. But a train during the day takes flipping ages and would effectively cut out two days of our time with the wedding party for the same cost.

I think I'm going to have to make my own stupid mistake and go against all this sensible advice and go for it anyway - I guess in a few weeks' after this I won't be getting much sleep anyway once the baby arrives!

Thanks all though for your thoughts, and if anyone can think of ways to make this potential nightmare easier, I'm all ears. And will try not to ignore you this time :-)

K1mberly Wed 28-Oct-15 06:38:24

I do the sleeper all the time and it's fine . Not ideal in your situation but sounds like you don't have much choice .

You need two cabins adjacent to each other , both first class but one set up as second class . It's the same cabin, just set up differently. You might not be able to arrange this online, so get the the station early, at least an hour before departure, and the crew can arranged it for you . They are very obliging .

Dh takes your toddler in the second class, which has two bed and puts toddler in bottom bunk . Puts buggy on floor .

You go next door on your own. And take suitcase . It will be quite squashed as you are very Pg and have a large case ( I assume ) .

If by any chance you know someone who is travelling by car to the same wedding, I'd see if they could take a suitcase with wedding outfits/ gift for you .

It won't be comfortable for you as the beds are narrow, but you won't be sleeping well anyway at 36 weeks . Turn the temperate down low. Pull the mattress out a bit from the side to make the bed wider . Put the towel on the plastic pillow under the pillowcase .

The train gets in very early, so get to your hotel ASAP ( see if you can get an early check in ) and have a nap while Dh looks after toddler .

Take cereal for your toddlers breakfast , assuming that's what he normally has. Your get a breakfast on the first class sleeper but it's cooked or continental .

Do NOT I repeat NOT do sleeper both ways heavily PG unless you have a night or more in a hotel in between .

Other options are to take day train one way and sleeper the other . The 1630 train out of London takes only four hours to scotland . I'd pay the extra and go first class. Take electronic gadget and earphones for toddler. Do not book quiet coach unless your toddler is an angel or other passengers will hate you.

Tickets - you don't need a ticket for toddler. But it may be cheaper to get a family railcard for and buy him a ticket, as it means you get your adult tickets much cheaper . Avoid travelling on a Friday if you can (busy and expensive ) .

Book well in advance ( 3 months) to get the best deals. Check your dates are not on a Scottish public holiday .

Take your maternity notes !

K1mberly Wed 28-Oct-15 06:47:23

On second thoughts , I suspect you WILL have to pay for toddler if you want him to have a bed. Which you do .Do not believe anyone who says you can share one of the berths with anyone.

Personally I would send Dh and toddler to the wedding and have a weekend at home . Even if it was my BFF.

If this would cause great offence , I'd phone up a few weeks before and say that you have high blood pressure and the doctor says it's not safe to travel .

chocomonster Wed 28-Oct-15 07:04:20

Worth checking individual airlines as there is some variation- BA allows you to fly until the END of week 36 so you may be ok to fly.

I went by car for a return journey from central Scotland to London at 38+ weeks with a toddler in tow, it is doable if the pregnancy is not uncomfortable but not sure I'd recommend it, a couple of weeks previous I wasn't sure I would manage it as baby's position meant I was quite uncomfortable. Thankfully it moved before the trip though!

Good luck.

MistressWeatherwax Wed 28-Oct-15 07:14:11

I'm probably alone in thinking the sleeper is ok really but I do usually make sure I have a large glass of red wine to ease me into it which might not be ideal in your case.

Their customer care/sales team is always very helpful IME so I'd suggest giving them a call and getting advice on best set up? Be warned though - sleeper is quite expensive. If you go first class down to London, you can use first class lounge at Euston for shower and breakfast on arrival. That's ace. Not sure what the set-up is in Edinburgh or further north tho.

Agree with pp, definitely check into your hotel early! You will need more rest.

Good luck! Have fun.

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