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Cheap new year break

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AtSea1979 Sun 18-Oct-15 10:53:54

Need to get away. Myself and 2 DC.
Except only dates I can go is 26/27th Dec until the 1st.
Anyone have any ideas as can't afford much.

mummymeister Tue 20-Oct-15 12:05:43

what is your budget. you would be looking at about £600 for a cottage. is this what you are looking for?

Hersetta427 Thu 22-Oct-15 09:37:58

Not sure the words cheap and new year can be used in the same sentence. Prices are usually massively inflated. Good luck. What kind of thing are you looking for?

AtSea1979 Thu 22-Oct-15 11:57:32

Looking for hotel. Can't bear to spend another one feeling lonely with DC in bed.

Dowser Mon 26-Oct-15 08:58:02

Hotel breaks appear to be a bit pricey..

You might do better at a holiday camp style holiday. Having no idea of your area or budget I found this£300 parked an holiday at wReham.

It would appear all the haven camps close till march which is a shame as hafan y mor was very nice.

However I do worry that you will not find what you are looking for by taking off in the middle of winter. You can be just as lonely in a crowd of couples and happy families.

Are there no single mums you can get together with and have. New years eve party and sleepover.

AtSea1979 Tue 27-Oct-15 20:56:06

Thanks Dowser unfortunately I seem to be the only one. I moved to a village and seem to be surrounded by happily marrieds who all have family time around Xmas and new year.
I will take a look at the Park Dean link, might be the best idea thanks.

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