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London travel advice

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weemidden Fri 09-Oct-15 16:23:51

In a nutshell - 4 days in London with DD9 and DS7. Cheapest/easiest way to travel - Oyster card (visitor/standard) or contactless card, and can kids travel free with either, do they need to register? Genuinely tried to read the London transport blurb, but in all honesty, I bow to the wisdom and speed of mumsnetters for information.

LisbethSalandersLaptop Fri 09-Oct-15 16:27:13

Your children do not need to pay anything or register, just have them follow you through the wider gate.
Oyster would be cheapest I think.

SooticaTheWitchesCat Fri 09-Oct-15 17:35:24

Oyster and contactless are the same price.

Children are free on buses, tubes and trams, they just go through with you.

TantrumsAndBalloons Fri 09-Oct-15 17:39:35

Where do children just walk on to the bus?

Yes they are free with an oyster. Without an oyster they have to pay

LyndaNotLinda Fri 09-Oct-15 17:46:14

Tantrums - children under 11 are free on buses and trams - they can travel alone. To go on the tube for free they need to be with an adult with an oystercard.

You might find it cheaper to get a weekly travelcard OP for 4 days - check out the price difference between that and 4x daily caps.

LisbethSalandersLaptop Sat 10-Oct-15 11:09:01

" Where do children just walk on to the bus? "

normally at bus stops

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