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So I've wrapped the little toys, downloaded endless poppa pig, brought the snacks....

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Citybaby Sun 13-Sep-15 13:47:26

But what the hell do I pack them in? This is a really silly question I know, but what do you pack all the things to keep the toddlers entertained on the plane in? We have leg room seats as we will have a cot (BA) so I can't keep a bag by my feet and I don't want to be the annoying person getting my bag in and out of the overhead compartment constantly. Any ideas?

As a side bar does anyone know what formula milk to buy in the U.S.? We use cow & gate in the UK.

First long haul with the kids, so trying to be super organised so that when the temper tantrums start I can at least pretend to look like I have it covered!

Thank you!

AttilaTheMeerkat Sun 13-Sep-15 14:40:28

If you have bulkhead seats (IIRC the armrests on those seats do not rise) you will need to put the bag (have one with lots of pockets) in the overhead locker (there may not be any room under the seat). If you are in the row behind the bulkhead you can place the bag under the seat in front of you.

Pack a carton or two of the formula milk in your suitcase and take enough for the duration. Some US formula milks are far sweeter tasting and your child may not at all take to it.

Citybaby Sun 13-Sep-15 15:23:02

Thank you Attila. Right off to hunt for a bag with a million pockets to hold all these things!

mrsmortis Wed 23-Sep-15 09:41:01

You only have to have your bag in the overhead for take off and landing if you are in a bulkhead seat. The rest of the time you can have it with you

I'd suggest you use your change bag to hold as much of what you need for the flight as possible so you only have one to worry about. Since you have leg room I'd also suggest you take a blanket with you for the floor in front of your seat. When we flew with my DDs as lap children this made a huge difference as they could sit on the floor and play without getting in the way.

I know that it isn't always possible but if you can time a feed for take off and landing it will make a huge difference to how baby handles it.

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