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Fab European accommodation for toddlers?

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TrixieLox Sat 05-Sep-15 18:22:39


We'd love to go away next May with our 2-year-old. Can anyone recommend 4 star accommodation in Europe that has:

- Accommodation with 2 bedrooms
- Close to beach
- Pool
- Close to a restaurant or fab on-site dinner options
- Fun stuff for toddlers (even if it's just a slide / few animals etc)

Not bothered about childminding and kids clubs etc as want to spend time together as a family, but would like to have a balcony or something where we can enjoy a glass of wine (or even room service / meal) for the odd night when our little girl might need to go to bed early. Otherwise, she's happy to sleep in her pram if we're in a restaurant.

Thanks, Trixie

Paddingtonthebear Sun 20-Sep-15 13:18:20

Barcelo hotels do a family room which has two separate bedrooms. We went to the Barcelo Pueblo Punta Prima in Menorca, family room was fab, food great and play room and slides etc in children's pool. Punta Prima is very quiet as a resort though, nice little beach but nothing else really to do

ThomasRichard Sun 20-Sep-15 13:20:13

The European Centerparcs are good and a lot cheaper than the UK.

NegativeIron Sun 20-Sep-15 13:23:03

There's a Pierre et vacancies quite near Abbeville where it's reasonably easy to get out and about but lots of toddler friendly stuff.

popflos Fri 25-Sep-15 09:57:33

look at mumsnet hotel page..

the top one sounds so amazing and i know loads of people that have been and loved it.

Hersetta427 Fri 25-Sep-15 14:20:35

First choice holiday villages - locations throughout the med. Great splash pools and facilities/entertainment for toddlers. We have been going since DD was 2 and she love them.

JellyMouldJnr Tue 29-Sep-15 22:10:26

blossomblowing Thu 08-Oct-15 06:14:41 is between valencia and alicante, mumsnet and babyboltholes top rated.. no brainer, specifically for toddlers and their parents and it really is gorgeous. there are a few more in france but they are not as nice. and the weather isnt as good. or the food. or the wine!

kiddieholidays1 Fri 23-Oct-15 21:15:24

Hi there

Sorry I'm a bit late replying, but I wrote this article about 22 Baby and Toddler Friendly Places to stay in Europe - might be of interest.

Hope you get something sorted.


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