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Canada in February with 3yr old and 18month old tips/advice???

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Amybestwick95 Wed 19-Aug-15 19:45:54

I'm looking at booking a trip to Canada (specifically Toronto and surrounding areas) to visit family out there. I've never been in winter and would love to go in the snow/cold but am I being silly thinking about taking them to such a cold place at such a young age? Also planes with two kids? My husband would be there but is basically a third child grin my main worries are
- car seat not the plane? No car seat but pay for a seat each? Three seats and baby on our knee?
- what clothing will be best? Snowsuits?ski trousers? Normal winter clothes from the UK? Wellies, walking boots, snow boots?
-do I take nappies or buy over there? Currently 3yr old wears them for naps and bed and 1yr old obviously wears them all the time
- and finally spending money? We will hopefully be staying with family so not much sight seeing or hotels so how much would you reccomend?
Sorry for such a long post just excited(first trip abroad as a family and can't wait to see my family) but confused xxx

hooplahoop Fri 21-Aug-15 20:30:54

does it have to be February? I used to live in Toronto and found February difficult. Snow was all hard and gritty, and the cold can be so bad it's not fun to be in even if all wrapped up. It may be ok for a week, and I may have found it hard as by Feb you're really fed up of all the cold and novelty has worn off, therefore might be more fun as a tourist. But my advice would be try to go in January for fresher snow or March where it's ok to play outside.

HeartsTrumpDiamonds Fri 21-Aug-15 20:41:58

Grew up in Toronto.

For the flight, the airline will require the 3 year old to have his/her own seat. The flight LHR to Toronto is only about 7 hours so you could probably survive with the 18 month old on your lap. Check with the airline but I think the 18 month old will be too big / heavy for the bassinettes they provide. No airline (that I know of) allows car seats on the plane.

Re clothing, British winter wear (unless you are from Scotland) will not be warm enough. Nor will wellies. "There is no such thing as bad clothing, only inappropriate clothing" grin So yes to snowsuits / snowpants. However a lot of Toronto is designed so you barely have to venture outside in the really horrible weather. There is not always a lot of snow in the city itself.

Nappies you will find the exact same supply there as here, right down to the same brands. So no worries there.

At the moment (we just returned to London from visiting grandparents in Toronto and eastern Ontario) the exchange rates are very favourable and more or less something that costs say GBP 3.00 (say a fancy coffee) would cost CAD $3 there.

If you have a chance to get out of the city, go to Blue Mountain, about 2 hours north west of the city. It is the best ski area in southern Ontario, right on Georgian Bay and is quite beautiful. The ski area has been developed by the same folks who own Whistler, and the apres ski is pretty fun. There are also some nice walking and cross country ski trails around there, especially in the Beaver Valley.

SansaryaAgain Fri 21-Aug-15 20:49:18

I was there in February about 8 years ago. The snow was knee deep and it was freezing, but it's a dry cold rather than the damp cold you get in the UK. As long as I was well wrapped up I was ok as the cold doesn't get into your bones like it does here. Having said that, I still didn't spend much time walking about above ground!

If you can get to Niagra Falls then that's worth doing as it looks amazing in winter. The town of Niagra Falls is kitsch central, but Niagra on the Lake is what MNetters would call naice!

Amybestwick95 Fri 21-Aug-15 20:58:08

She will be too big for the bassinet.we are going to book 3 seats and take a cares restraint (harness that you can use for kids 1+ including take off and landing) and hope for an empty seat. We own ski pants and a coat for our 3yr old as he loves being outside no matter the weather grin the exchange rate looks good right now we are jousting waiting for my parents to tell us how much they spend (they are in Toronto now) We won't be skiing this year but will hopefully go back once our youngest is around 4 to try it. We are guessing we can manage on $100 a day average because we can stay/eat with family and most days we wont be up to much. Thank you xx

Amybestwick95 Fri 21-Aug-15 20:58:44


SansaryaAgain Fri 21-Aug-15 21:03:20

Do go up the CN Tower if you can though. Your 3yo will love the glass floor. You couldn't pay me to step onto it but there were toddlers running around and lying down on it!

HeartsTrumpDiamonds Fri 21-Aug-15 21:08:59

And the new Ripley's Aquarium at the foot of the CN Tower is amazing - it got the seal of approval from my two this summer!

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