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Canada in February with 3yr old and 18month old tips/advice???

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Amybestwick95 Wed 19-Aug-15 19:41:21

I'm looking at booking a trip to Canada (specifically Toronto and surrounding areas) to visit family out there. I've never been in winter and would love to go in the snow/cold but am I being silly thinking about taking them to such a cold place at such a young age? Also planes with two kids? My husband would be there but is basically a third child grin my main worries are
- car seat not the plane? No car seat but pay for a seat each? Three seats and baby on our knee?
- what clothing will be best? Snowsuits?ski trousers? Normal winter clothes from the UK? Wellies, walking boots, snow boots?
- and finally spending money? We will hopefully be staying with family so not much sight seeing or hotels so how much would you reccomend?
Sorry for such a long post just excited(first trip abroad as a family and can't wait to see my family) but confused xxx

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