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Over 80s travel insurance

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NomDePrune Thu 13-Aug-15 22:38:40

DPs are trying to get cover for a short break in Europe, no luck via the usual sites. DF just turned 80 but they would rather annual cover if available. Anyone else's parents got cover, if so where from?

poisonedbypen Thu 13-Aug-15 22:45:04

Saga? My DPs have theirs through their bank account (I think) but I think Saga should do policies.

poisonedbypen Thu 13-Aug-15 22:45:51

Or look on MSE - there is a section on travel insurance.

specialsubject Fri 14-Aug-15 10:55:00

Saga will be extremely expensive. Try a broker or through the bank account. Make sure all health conditions declared.

LIZS Fri 14-Aug-15 10:56:16

Avoid staysure, they were a nightmare over dm's claim when diagnosed with cancer. She now uses saga.

poisonedbypen Fri 14-Aug-15 17:31:29

Any insurance is likely to be expensive. Please, please make sure they declare all medical conditions. DM went to the Dr just before a holiday. Dr said nothing to worry about, ended up being flown home and not being insured as they hadn't thought of calling insurance company.

NomDePrune Mon 17-Aug-15 11:01:22

Thanks all, they are going to Paris for 4 days and now DF is 80 it will cost £250 through Saga. Will suggest a broker and look at bank account although between them several medical 'conditions' - the usual old-age ones.

magimedi Mon 17-Aug-15 11:49:04

Dh is 70 & has medical conditions & we use Insure & go.

About £150 for annual European cover.

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