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Travelling in three days less than mnths validity on uk passport

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uma43 Wed 12-Aug-15 23:45:04

Help please. I'm panicking, don't know if anyone has any experience or can help. My twins passport expires in four months time. Have booked egypt holiday in three days. On the small print it states there should be six months left on passport can we still travel or will be turned back. Does anyone know if I can renew a child's passport within a day?

Gymbob Thu 13-Aug-15 08:43:04

you need 6 months left on a passport on your return. you can renew in a day in person at one of the passport offices. Liverpool is one, not sure where the other is. good luck!

Kampeki Thu 13-Aug-15 08:48:22

Really sorry to say, but I'm not sure if you can renew a child's passport within one day - think the premium service might only be for adults.

Maybe ring the helpline and ask if there is anything you can do?

bridgetsmummy Thu 13-Aug-15 08:48:43

You can't renew a child's passport on the one day service, only an adults

notapizzaeater Thu 13-Aug-15 08:50:11

If you can't get the passport sorted perhaps ring the Egypt embassy in UK ?

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