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Halifax Clarity - benefits for travel money?

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Toffeelatteplease Wed 12-Aug-15 21:40:02

So didn't think I would be eligible for this card but turns out I am. I was so shocked I applied, but now am thinking the better of it.

In terms of spending on credit the card is definitely an improvement on my present credit card. But the 0% charge for cash withdrawals doesn't look as great is it initially did when you realise they charge 18%+ interest (from what point?) hmm

currently the approx £3 charge my debit card charges for withdrawing cash is looking better. Which is odd as the 0% charge for cash withdrawals was one of the main reason I wanted to apply for the card in the first place. confused

Can anyone explain to me what I am clearly totally missing? Or how they use the Halifax card to minimise interest

girlywhirly Thu 13-Aug-15 17:13:52

My DH has one. He just uses it as you would a credit card, in restaurants, and when paying the bill where we have charged food and drinks, safe etc to our room. The main benefit is being able to limit the amount that can be charged to the card, and it isn't linked to your bank account/ usual credit card account if it gets stolen, thieves can only get the amount available. One point we have noticed is that the Halifax keep putting up the total that you can borrow on the Clarity, which you need to keep an eye on, otherwise it could end up massive.

If you want to make cash withdrawals you might be better off with one of those pre-loaded cash cards, again not linked to any of your bank accounts, I have a Thomas Cook Cash Passport which charges 2% on cash withdrawals, but nothing on transactions when using as a debit card. You need to keep track of how much you are spending though. Again you can load the amount that you choose, and if you need to withdraw cash do fewer withdrawals of more cash, rather than lots of small amounts and getting charged for each withdrawal. Lastly, take some cash as well.

HermioneWeasley Thu 13-Aug-15 17:19:03

There is no charge on clarity cards for foreign currency transactions - most other cards charge about 3%- that's why I have one

Toffeelatteplease Fri 14-Aug-15 11:25:30

Thank you. All food for thought

SecretSquirrels Fri 14-Aug-15 19:26:54

I have used this for years, purely for foreign travel because Martyn Lewis told me to
No credit card is any good unless you pay the bill in full. This one worked out better than any other credit or debit for the exchange rate and for lack of extra costs. We use it for all holiday spending and this is the only time I ever use a credit card to take out cash. They will add interest on the cash withdrawal but it still works out cheaper than a debit card. Check out moneysavingexpert for proper explanation.

WorktoLive Tue 18-Aug-15 12:41:53

If you pay back the money you have withdrawn straight away, or at least when you get back, rather than when you receive your statement, it reduces the interest charged hugely to maybe a pound or two. This is based on my normal holiday spending, which is to withdraw approx 4-500 euro over a week or so.

The Halifax Clarity is much better than most other cards by far. I lost mine once, a day or two into a week's holiday so had to use another card - this cost about £20-30 in bank charges instead of next to nothing that I am used to.

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