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Anyone in Kos at the moment?

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Gymbob Wed 12-Aug-15 17:11:16

seen someone else is asking similar about Corfu.

Wanted to book Kos but seen on the news today that 30,000 migrants have arrived and chaos has ensued.

please can anyone tell me the situation?

Gymbob Wed 12-Aug-15 21:09:21


HookedOnHooking Wed 12-Aug-15 21:10:23

My relatives are. Photos on FB look lovely. Not a riot in sight.

TheRollingCrone Thu 13-Aug-15 08:54:01

Yes, I,m here in Kos.Along the coast away from the port of Kos. It's very lovely here no problems. I,ve not been into Kos town, however I,ve been told the scenes are very upsetting.
The Greeks are totally overwhelmed, I think they need to implement emergency protocols,but are reluctant to do so without other EU involvement.
Incidentally, I,ve not heard one Greek disparage the refugees in any way whatsoever, just say how sad and awful to flee with nothing, but at the moment they (the Greeks) just do not have the infrastructure and finance to help in a meaningful way.All very sad.

But yes, away from the port life goes on.Kos is beautiful, the people very welcoming despite their current troubles.

Gymbob Thu 13-Aug-15 13:41:15

thank you so much hooked and rolling. that is very reassuring.

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