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EuroDisney - where do I even start?!

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DrinkFeckArseGirls Wed 12-Aug-15 12:28:37

I'd like to go the second week of Sept (DD is starting reception the week starting 14th). I do not have 2 grand to pay for the Disney Hotel hmm

Do I drive, do I fly, take train? Where do I stay that's reasonable and convenient?

mimbleandlittlemy Wed 12-Aug-15 16:51:21

You stay somewhere like this and hop on the train for the 10 minute ride to the Parc:

You really don't have to stay at Disney - and the trains are easy and regular in and out and the station is 10 minutes walk through the outside of the parc.

You don't say where you live - if you are in the South East then we've always done it by Eurostar, either direct to Marne la Vallee (for Disney) or into Paris and then a hop onto the local train out (about 45 minutes from Paris).

Never flown it but it might be easier from where you live.

Advantages of the Disney hotels (and they are on a sliding scale room price wise so the further from the gates of the parc the cheaper they are) is if you shop in the parc (and you will) the stuff gets delivered back to the hotel and you don't have to carry it round all day, and the character breakfasts are good if you don't have a shy child who is terrified by the dressed-up humans - and sometimes you get a deal where you get the room b&b and all your parc tickets and your fares which looks a lot on the bottom line but when you add up doing it all separately isn't so bad. Quite often, out of peak times, under 7s are free on those deals.

Hope that helps a bit.

CarrieLouise25 Wed 12-Aug-15 17:02:21

There are some amazing hotels within walking distance.

HOTEL: Adagio - cheap and cheerful, 20 minutes walk to Disney and a bus too if you don't want to walk

HOTEL: Hi-Park - lovely, bit more expensive, but MUCH cheaper than Disney hotels and 15 minutes walk to Disney (plus bus services too).

Bonus of above hotels, is they have their own cooking facilities. This will save you a fortune, as food in Disney is expensive. These hotels are in a beautiful shopping district called Val d Europe and there is a massive hypermarket in this centre, to get all your food. Amazing.

TRAVEL - Eurostar is so easy. If you can afford to go direct to Disney, this is even easier. If not, go to Paris, get off a Gar du Nord, get tickets to go to Marne Le Vallee (disney) and go to Les Halles train station to get the RER train to disney.

The only other expense will be your Disney tickets. You'll be better off getting a package deal on a few says, not pay per day. Alternatively, get annual passes. Then you can go all week.

PM me if you want any tips. I love doing expensive holidays on the cheap! x

DrinkFeckArseGirls Thu 13-Aug-15 21:29:54

Thanks mimble and carrie! I just had an idea, started looking into it and thought: aaaarrrrrghhh!

I think I'm going to leave it for this September as I need to give it more thought. I will pm you carrie when I get going with it, thanks for the offer!

Now, we're just going to do a little trip in the UK, which hopefully will nit finish me off as much as Paris would hmm

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