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All inclusive short haul with apartment / villa

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kavv0809 Tue 04-Aug-15 20:35:24

Does such a thing exist? And does anyone have any recommendations please? I've been idly browsing first choice holidays and wondering what else is out there.

It'll be me, DH and a six and a two year old. Because of allergies we need to be able to cook, but I do like the idea of all inclusive for ease, drinks icecreams etc all covered. Is that crazy? On a fairly tight budget but want to get an idea of how long I'll need to save for this!

Love to hear your experiences and recommendations, thanks in advance.

kavv0809 Tue 04-Aug-15 21:45:23

Anyone? Wondering if the holiday villages are any good or just a new set of fresh hell?

Hersetta427 Tue 04-Aug-15 21:58:43

Holiday village Cyprus has apartments so although all inclusive they also have kitchen and cooking facilities. Also have a look at Lykia world in Turkey.

RainbowCake Tue 04-Aug-15 22:02:56

Imperial park resort and spa in Calpe have very well equipped apartments and are AI.

kavv0809 Wed 05-Aug-15 09:30:25

Oo brilliant thank you both, I will def have a look at those. Anyone else?

justaweeone Sat 08-Aug-15 09:16:10

Just book a villa then fill your freezer with drinks, ice creams treats etc. much cheaper especially if you won't eating the main meals

Costacoffeeplease Sat 08-Aug-15 09:33:42

Yes, I don't understand why you'd book all inclusive and then self cater - just get a self catering apartment/villa, you'll have much more choice of accommodation too

noramum Sat 08-Aug-15 21:07:54

I can understand the quest to get an apartments in an AI complex. We love self catering but for various reasons entertaining a single child is difficult. Also DD is borderline ADHD and needs routine while going out each day is too much and we get disasters. So this set up is the ideal solution at the moment.

DD loved the AI and the resort amenities but I hate the choice of restaurants, prefer to either cook or looked for something I like instead of getting a reservations 3 days in advance.

We did 3 years of farm stay, great set up but she gets too old.

rookiemere Sun 09-Aug-15 19:21:05

Why don't you look for an apartment on a complex. If you have a fridge and freezer it will be a lot cheaper to just buy in drinks and ice creams, but as you are on a complex there is a restaurant if needed for meals, plus entertainment.

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