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lookingforsunshine Tue 04-Aug-15 19:58:28

My husband and I have had an incredibly stressful and painful year (lots of loss and trauma). We want to go on a trip away. We are still feeling a bit of an emotional mess so aren't ready for an adventure or to deal with too many things going wrong. We want a break to help us recover.

Can we have some recommendations of holiday destinations please?
We want somewhere relaxing.
Possibly spa breaks.
No where too expensive-maybe up to £400 for accommodation.
Preferably somewhere that isn't too child friendly (too painful being around children at the moment).
Interested in ideas both uk and abroad.
We love doing stuff that is a bit 'different' but also want to be looked after/ pampered a bit at the moment.
WE love the outdoors.
Interested in short breaks and longer breaks (week).
Any ideas please?!!

Thanks In Advance!

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