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What to bring from Canada - quick

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MamaAwayOnBusiness Sun 02-Aug-15 03:39:36

I have tomorrow most of the day and Monday morning to explore & shop gifts for the family. What should I be looking to get? First time in Canada and so far the only thing that looks specially local is maple syrup and Herschel backpacks seem to be cheaper than back home in England. Any advice here please. (I'm in Montreal if that makes a difference).

MooseBeTimeForSummer Sun 02-Aug-15 04:17:40

Hmm. The chocolate here is crap and the UK has most of our good cheese.
Hockey related gifts for sporty types? Fruit Loops or other totally unhealthy cereal for kids/teens?

MooseBeTimeForSummer Sun 02-Aug-15 04:18:17

Have you tried Poutine yet?

MamaAwayOnBusiness Sun 02-Aug-15 04:25:38

Oh dear me, just had to look up poutine, haven't had the pleasure yet. Any particular place you'd recommend?

milkingmachine1 Sun 02-Aug-15 04:32:40

Real maple syrup, sweet pickled girkins, bugles chips

Nandocushion Sun 02-Aug-15 04:47:00

A nice HBC wool blanket

MamaAwayOnBusiness Sun 02-Aug-15 04:51:47

Thanks everyone!

Love the blanket, but it was made in Yorkshire grin

What about kids stuff, I have a toddler and all they seem to have in toyshops are Playmobil and Lego that I can get anywhere...

HerRoyalNotness Sun 02-Aug-15 05:01:17

How about something from Roots, Rudsac or M0851 (for yourself)

I can't think of anything specifically we bought the DC there that we couldn't buy anywhere else.

You could call in to Indigo and get a classic canadian story book?

MooseBeTimeForSummer Sun 02-Aug-15 05:11:29

My son 3.5 loves the books by Nicholas Oldland featuring a bear, a moose and a beaver. They feature on Hatley's clothing.

MamaAwayOnBusiness Sun 02-Aug-15 05:13:34

I already found M0851 for myself wink. great place.

Bookstores seem to mainly stock titles in French but I'll keep looking. I guess a toddler will just be looking at pictures anyway.

pingoose Sun 02-Aug-15 05:15:22

We went here for poutine, would definitely recommend it - there might be a bit of a wait for a table though. I also second going into Roots for gifts.

SunflowerSmile Sun 02-Aug-15 05:53:54

Sometimes Old Navy will stock clothing with Canadian themes on them -great for kids. Would also recommend Roots. The Bay sometimes has Canadian themed clothing -eg nice mittens with Canada/maple leaf on them.

mineofuselessinformation Sun 02-Aug-15 07:59:41

Not gift-related, but go into Costco or similar and get the big bottles of paracetamol (called acetaminophen there) and ibuprofen.

MamaAwayOnBusiness Sun 02-Aug-15 12:45:30

Great, ideas for groceries, clothes etc welcome too. Thanks for your help everyone.

Pingoose the place you recommend is in my neighbourhood, I'll check it out.

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