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Travelling with 5.5 month old - DP needs reassurance

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purplebiro Sat 01-Aug-15 19:38:07

Hi all

I want to go on holiday with dp and our dd in November when she will be 5.5 months old. I was planning on going to Lanzarote, not too hot at that time of year, only a four hour flight and Europe - I've actually been there before and even stayed where we want to stay (here before so I'm pretty assured of how child friendly the island and resort are and how relaxing the holiday will be.

However, DP is concerned and doesn't think it's a good idea on two fronts:
1 - Safety - if anything happened to the baby we would be subject to a language barrier with any doctors and not know procedures for getting medical help.
2 - Hassle - he is worried that it will be more stressful being on holiday with a baby than we can handle.

To be perfectly honest I disagree on both fronts (I am pretty sure we wouldn't come across a language barrier in a place with such a large tourist economy and I actually know a few expats in the area if needed and I think he's not quite grasped that holidays are going to be different now we have a kid - are we supposed to stop having them until she's 18?!) BUT I have tried reasoning with him and he's not taking my word for it - could someone please give me some reassurances I can give him? Experiences of holidaying with a child this age?

trilbydoll Sat 01-Aug-15 19:42:52

Holidays with a baby are same shit different location grin they're relaxing in that you don't worry about washing and housework but not relaxing in a pre kids way!

He just needs to imagine having a week off at home, then make it more sunny.

Medical attention - mm, I don't know, I've never considered that. But as you say, will you not be going abroad for 18 years?! I'd be more worried about the plane inexplicably vanishing tbh.

GozerTheGozerian Sat 01-Aug-15 19:46:25

Went abroad when DS1 was 4.5mo and again when DS2 was 7mo. I found them are super easy to travel with at those ages - they napped, they weren't weaned so food was no problem, and they didnt crawl or walk. But they were out of the newborn chaos. Only thing I would say is it also depends on how you're feeding them. ds1 was bottle fed and that was a faff. DS2 is breastfed so it was easy peasy at that age.

I think Spanish healthcare is supposed to be excellent - I have vetoed some destinations based on standards of healthcare but Spain wouldn't be one of them.

Far far far easier to go away at 5mo than with a toddler. And when you only have one. At least you can take turns!!!

Bunbaker Sat 01-Aug-15 19:50:15

So many Brits holiday in Lanzarote that there isn't much of a language barrier. If you needed a doctor there will be plenty that speak English.

I shouldn't think being in Lanzarote with a 5 month old would be any more stressful than being at home.

Millymollymama Sat 01-Aug-15 19:58:05

You would be able to access medical help if you needed it but it is unlikely you will. Are you at the doctor's all the time? If not, you will be fine. Its Lanzagrotty not Outer Mongolia!

purplebiro Sat 01-Aug-15 20:43:01

Thank you all - exactly as I thought but it helps to have someone other than me saying it. She's exclusively breast fed at the moment and expect that to be the same by November so that cuts down a lot of fuss.

sunnydayinmay Sat 01-Aug-15 20:48:47

I'm a nervous, fairly neurotic traveller, but managed totake DS1 to Spain at 4 months. DS2 went to Ibizia at 4 months and France at 6 months.

Miles easier than taking a mobile toddler, and they nap in the pushchair when you go out

specialsubject Sun 02-Aug-15 10:46:39

your travel insurance (Booked at the same time as your holiday) will include a 24 hour helpline. You can also do 10 mins research and find out about medical services. If you are on a package the rep will help, otherwise the accommodation owners will know the drill.

Lanzarote is well touristed and English is widely spoken. Also plenty of translators around, again may be covered by your insurance if needed.

SueBigFatSue Sun 02-Aug-15 23:09:35

BF exclusively will make your lives a lot easier. Been there, done that with a FF baby. It'll be fine. I haven't been to Lanzarote but in other Spanish hospitals, the staff have always been amazing. Get him to watch Sun, Sea + A&E, there's usually a translator on there wink you'll be fine in chemists too. If you're going to a touristy place, they'll most likely have someone who can understand your needs smile

Honestly, a LP, holidays with babies are absolutely fine. Just remember to pack everything she'll need and a little bit extra. Better to get one in now before she starts toddling and really runs you ragged abroad grin

SueBigFatSue Sun 02-Aug-15 23:10:23

As a LP

cariadlet Fri 07-Aug-15 07:58:18

Babies are a doddle on holiday. They don't care where they are as long as they're with parents and never tell you that they're bored!

We took dd to Cuba when she was 3 months. We booked into a tourist resort, but that's cos we'd gone on a package to make getting a visa earlier. We checked in and then left and spent 10 days travelling around with dd and doing our own thing. We all had a lovely holiday.

Tell dp not to worry about dd being ill. You're in a major tourist resort and there will be lots of people who speak in English.
The only time we've ever needed a doctor for dd was when she was about 3 - she had a minor accident and needed a few stitches on her forehead. We were in Iran at the time! Being in Lanzarote really wouldn't be much different from being in the UK. It will be fine.

cariadlet Fri 07-Aug-15 07:59:15

getting a visa easier not earlier

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