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Tips for a sun/sea/sand holiday with arm in plaster???

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LemonEmmaP Fri 31-Jul-15 16:00:21

So DS2 managed to break his arm last week (day 2 of the summer holiday hmm). He's been back to the fracture clinic and is now in a proper cast which the doctor said needed to stay on for three weeks. In fact, we are going on holiday in two weeks, so he will have to keep the cast a bit longer (until after we get back). Anyway, our holiday is to be spent in a villa in Sardinia, and was intended to be a combination of time spent by the pool and on the beach. Neither option is looking great with his arm in plaster!

We've bought a waterproof cover for his cast which is going to help, but it is very limited in terms of how he can use it - e.g. maximum of 20 minutes in the cover due to condensation, and it's not particularly robust so we will be taking at least one spare! We are also looking at buying a more robust (but less waterproof) cover which is designed for the beach, hopefully to keep sand out. Neither are suitable for swimming.

I'm concerned that he is going to be uncomfortable in the heat, but unsure how we can help him.

Has anyone got any other useful tips that might help make the holiday easier?

(As an aside, our travel insurance runs out next month so I need to renew...but when I told them my son was now in plaster, the premium more than doubled! If anyone has experience of travel insurers that might take a less inflated view of the cost of a broken arm, I'd love to hear it!)

butmumineedit Sun 02-Aug-15 16:32:47

Firstly have you checked that your airline will let him fly with his arm in a cast as if I remember correctly some won't as I think cabin pressure comes into it . My son broke his elbow at beginning of summer holidays 2 years ago and we were hoping off to Turkey 5 weeks later, explained to the Drs and they removed it a week early.

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