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Tenerife - whereabouts to go?

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ZiggyZogpops Fri 31-Jul-15 10:13:13

We are thinking of booking a winter holiday (sometime between say Nov and Feb) in Tenerife for when we get bored watching the sideways rain at home. We have a 3 yr old DD so wherever we go would need to include activities for her eg play place, child friendly swimming pool. Was wondering if anyone had useful suggestions/advice re hotels/resorts which are fab or best avoided and any suggestions re weather and when to go. Many thanks.

specialsubject Fri 31-Jul-15 11:29:40

Tenerife is an island of two climates, due to a big mountain in the middle. The dry sunny side is where the Las Americas complex is, the wetter green bit is where Puerto de La Cruz and all the 'real' towns are, because you can't actually live in a desert on anything except tourism.

it is a big island and a fair drive between the two.

the lager-lout reputation of the island is really only the very centre of Las Americas in August, the rest of the place is fine. Think twice about Golf del Sur though as it is slap under the flight path.

most of the apartment complexes in the Las Americas area have child pools. Los Cristianos and Costa Adeje are the two main areas to consider, check a map. Be aware that the whole area is built on a slope down to the sea, places listed as 'Alto' are above the motorway through the resort, have staggering views but you'll get fit pushing the buggy up!

ZiggyZogpops Sun 02-Aug-15 23:22:26

Thanks very much. That's really helpful.

gegs73 Sun 02-Aug-15 23:30:45

Costa Adeje is lovely very child/family friendly. We have been to Hotel Isabel which is great for young families and close to shops and the sea.

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