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Flying with a 4 year old & toddler

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suddenlycupishalffull Fri 31-Jul-15 08:10:33

This has been asked millions of times I'm sure... the 4 year old I'm thinking I can entertain with comics & iPad (do I need special kiddie headphones?!) but I'm worried about my toddler (20 months). Last time I flew, I bought loads of travel games which my eldest completely ignored (only had 1 DC back then) - does anyone have any tried and tested distractions that actually work? For either age??

TheHammaconda Sat 01-Aug-15 16:24:37

I've got DCs the same age and am flying with them tomorrow. I've got stickers, sticker books, a whoopee cushion (which will be for emergency use ONLY) chocolate buttons and Aquadoodles.

SueBigFatSue Sun 02-Aug-15 09:23:20

My usual response to this is, what time is your flight? grin my toddler has slept on every early morning flight. Late morning/afternoon has never been a problem either, I'm always more worried about tantrums than boredom. iPad will be fine for the 4 year old, just load it up with no-Internet necessary apps and films or favourite TV shows. For the toddler, some books?

It depends how long your flight is (you could've done the journey by now anyway, so this is all voidstar)

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