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Recommend hotel for one night vierzon or orleans

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krisskross Sun 26-Jul-15 23:34:46


We're travelling soon from calais to dordogne, stopping off in one of the above places.

Can anyone recommend a hotel Pls?

krisskross Mon 27-Jul-15 21:04:25

Bumping, thanks

Alicekeach Mon 27-Jul-15 21:07:18

Have used the Orleans Etap (now called Ibis Budget I think) which was cheap and cheerful for an overnight stop.

krisskross Mon 27-Jul-15 21:47:08

Thanks Alice

castlesintheair Mon 27-Jul-15 22:15:55

In Orleans: Hotel d'orleans (mid-range) or Hotel Margueritte (budget). Both v central.

castlesintheair Mon 27-Jul-15 22:19:31

I'd try Bourges rather than Vierzon. Probably more hotel choice and only 20kms away.

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