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Bozza Sat 27-Apr-02 13:55:24

Next week we're travelling from Yorkshire to Devon with our 14 month old DS. Last year (aged 6 mnths) the journey to Cornwall was a nightmare that we're hoping not to repeat. Anyone any ideas how to entertain him on the journey? Due to accommodation we cannot travel at night. Most of the car toys I've seen in Mothercare etc are just rattles. But if I give him a toy he invariably drops it after seconds. He doesn't show much interest in his nursery rhyme tapes. Although thats in the house, the confined zone of the car might make a difference (never tried this because only got a CD player in my car - however will be travelling in DH's car). Any other tips also appreciated.

Rhiannon Sat 27-Apr-02 17:50:14

Bozza, what time do you have to leave? Could you time it with his nap or do something that will wear him out b4 you leave like swimming or a bit of a walk? Take toys but only let him have one at a time and put the ones he's bored with back in the bag. Take non messy things to eat, little raisins etc. R

SueDonim Sat 27-Apr-02 22:24:53

If he's interested in drawing, how about a magna doodle screen? You could attach those buggy links to keep tabs on the toys, if he chucks them away. He might like a steering wheel toy, too, and some books. Try to arrange plenty of stops. I know it's a nuisance when you want to get on but they needn't all be long stops. Just 10 or 15 minutes for him to stretch his legs etc.

thumper Sat 27-Apr-02 23:34:37

how about putting the bag of toys that you are probably taking for the hols next to ds. DH has always done this when packing the car and dd has loved picking her way through her favourite toys, little books. Putting the odd box of raisins and biscuit would make it even better i imagine. OK so a mess to deal with at the other end but we are used to that arent we?

Rozzy Sun 28-Apr-02 09:20:58

Message withdrawn

sobernow Sun 28-Apr-02 19:09:15

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Marina Sun 28-Apr-02 19:23:47

Does he have a clip-on tray for his carseat? I know Britax does them, I'm sure other makers must do. Ours was possibly the best £14.99 I spent ever. Small but stable surface for cars, trains, raisins, and also catches quite a lot of vomit...well, it's better than getting it all over the car seat.
If one of you can bear to sit in the back with him for part of the journey he might be more cheerful.

Bozza Tue 14-May-02 17:31:02

Sorry for not thanking you all sooner but have been busy with the holiday etc. Took most of your advice re toys, naps, snacks, singing etc and it went considerably better than last year's journey. DS was violently sick on both journeys - requiring a total change of clothes and frantic scrubbing of the car seat with baby wipes and mineral water - unfortunately didn't follow Marina's advice re the car seat tray to cath vomit but fortunately the car is being changed in a couple of weeks so lingering smell not our problem. Anyway it was nice of you all to take the trouble to post your tips. Also thanks to whoever it was on Mumsnet in January who put me onto the idea of collecting vouchers from the Sun. Four days in Devon for the three of us for £44 (DH's company provide private petrol).

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