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Has anyone done click and collect in France?

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clairedunphy Thu 23-Jul-15 06:59:20

We're flying to La Rochelle in a couple of weeks and staying on a siblu site near La Palmyre in the Vendee.

Our flight doesn't land until Saturday evening and I know Sunday trading hours are limited to mornings only (if you're lucky), so I thought we could make do with the campsite shop for the first night and then do a big shop on Sunday morning.

But I don't really want to spend 2 hours on my first morning in the supermarket, so if I could click and collect it would be brilliant.

Does anyone know if any of the French supermarkets do this and how easy it would be from the UK? I've done a quick search and found a comment on trip advisor that Casino do it, but I couldn't see the option on their website.


clairedunphy Thu 23-Jul-15 14:27:49


ChilliMum Thu 23-Jul-15 14:39:24

Hi, I don't know about casino but l'eclerc do it. Google l'eclerc drive and it will take you to a Web page where you can enter the name of the village you are staying and it will show you your nearest l'eclerc drive. I can't be any more help as never used it but the website looks pretty straightforward.

SheWhoMustBe Thu 23-Jul-15 14:41:26

Yes they do, I've used Carrefour Drive quite a few times in the South. You'll need the 5 digit postal code for the place where you're staying then select the store to order from. In general the site is not great and they don't have as big a selection as you'd find in the store, but it's fine for getting all the basics to start you off. To register, I gave my address as the place we stay (parents house) and then pay with a UK registered credit card, so clearly they don't cross reference the card address with the address you give them on the site, which is helpful. Hope you have a good holiday!

clairedunphy Thu 23-Jul-15 16:39:03

Thanks both, I'll look at those sites, that's great.

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