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Twelve-hour stopover (7.00pm to 7.00am) in Istanbul - two kids, what to do to make the most of it?

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minouwasminou Wed 22-Jul-15 16:51:25

Hi guys!
Booking flights to Tel Aviv for mid-August and to save around £600 we've decided to go for a reasonably civilised set of flights - the outbound journey involves the stopover in Istanbul (Sahiba Gokcen) and the return journey involves a wee two-hour wait in Kiev.

Obvs the Kiev one gives us enough time for a leg-stretch and a snack at the airport, but I'm wondering how we can make the most of the Istanbul visit.

Providing we get through security in a reasonable amount of time, I'm up for getting the shuttle to the city centre and having a meal before going to a hotel/hostel/apartment for the night. The connecting flight's at 7.00am (or thereabouts) the next morning, so we're not planning a big evening.

Any ideas, tips, etc etc? Kids are nine (in October) and six and it'll be me and my partner. We're looking for advice on hotels etc, as well as tips for the shuttle and travel to and from the airport and anything else, as well as decent places to eat and keep the kids entertained.

Many thanks in advance!

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