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Recommend me a car DVD player?

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Asheth Sun 19-Jul-15 19:11:12

I'm looking for something to keep my DC entertained during our upcoming road trip! It only needs to play 1 DVD at a time and run off the car, although a good battery life would be useful so we can charge other things, plug in cold box etc.!

Looking for something with two screens with reasonable sound, easy to fix on the car, easy to operate and change the DVDs.

Does anyone have one they can recommend?

Imperial Sun 19-Jul-15 22:36:47

There is really poor choice out there. We have a Nextbase one which seems fine so far. Had a bad experience with Voyager which is weird because they are effectively the same company.

WeLoveHaribo Tue 21-Jul-15 07:10:07

I was going to recc the voyager but above pp says not.
I've not got it but friends have had for over a year with the easy mount car holder.
That's what I was looking at getting, although I'm going to get 2screens/2dvds cos when DD age 3 has it on her it's her way or no way!!!
Mmmm sorry not much help. X

caravanista13 Tue 21-Jul-15 07:15:22

Whatever happened to singing songs, playing I Spy etc?

WeLoveHaribo Tue 21-Jul-15 08:12:07

Signing songs and games are fine for part of the trip and this is what we did too.
But February half term we travelled the whole of Wales with lots of driving. DVD player made it less boring for the children.
August we're doing same in Scotland 6hr drive then lots of travelling round over the week. grin

SweepTheHalls Tue 21-Jul-15 08:16:45

Next Base ones with infra red headphones!

Asheth Tue 21-Jul-15 23:37:29

DS1 is nearly 14, but I'll ask him if he wants to sing songs and play I spy grin

We probably will play some games, plus they have tablets, notebooks, reading books etc., but on a long journey - we're driving through Europe - we need as much variety as possible.

Thanks for the suggestions - will check them out!

iwantgin Wed 22-Jul-15 09:49:17

We had a Nextbase twin screen player. The DC only used it once or twice. They just weren't that interested once the novelty had worn off.

i sold it on fb recently.

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