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Anyone been backpacking with children?

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leggypeggy Sun 19-Jul-15 08:41:14

We've bought our backpacks and got return flights to Italy for £75, originally with the intention of heading East for 3 weeks, but I've decided that as there is so much to see and do in Italy, we will just spend the 3 weeks travelling around Italy.

I spent quite a bit of time backpacking back in the 90's and as I couldn't decide where we should go for our summer holiday, and being people that couldn't sit around a hotel pool for 2 weeks on a package holiday, this seems the best sort of holiday for us.

Has anyone any experience of travelling alone with a child in Europe? (apart from the obvious) and in particular Italy? Any tips/advice/recommendations of places the kids would love would be great :-)

zazas Sun 19-Jul-15 21:46:12

Hi we did this last summer in Italy - 19 days with 5 kids - 16 year down to 7 years. We only travelled with small backpacks and used public transport. It was brilliant. Happy to share more if you let me know the ages of your kids and what you are after? It was brilliant!!!

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