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Driving kit for France?

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OctonautsAgain Thu 16-Jul-15 08:58:47

Can anyone recommend one please? Loads on Amazon etc but all seem to be about £30. Are the headlight things simple to fit? Doing our first driving holiday to France later this summer. Thanks in advance smile

iwantgin Thu 16-Jul-15 09:11:42

I haven't seen a kit, but have bought everything separately. We have been driving to France for the past few summers so have most things.

The AA website is usually good for ensuring you have everything list to download

The headlamp converters are very easy to fit. They come in a pack of two - and there is a fold out leaflet which shows the position for each model of car. If you have a newer, top spec car you may not need them. DH has a new BMW - he can adjust the angles mechanically, so no stickers necessary. (however he didn't realise that he would have to re-set the angles each time he started up the car.. oops!) i advise reading the leaflet and working out where they are going before you get there. My car still has glue residue on the headlamps, so i Know precisely where I am sticking them. (usually do it whilst on the Tunnel).

Vitals are:

Hi-Vis vests. Must be kept inside the car. NOT in the boot. i.e. if you had toget out of the car at the side of the motorway you would be already wearing it.

Warning Triangle

First Aid kit

Spare bulbs (although I have NO idea how to fit them)

Breathalysers -pack of 2 is about £4

The headlamp convertors are a couple of quid

GB sticker

I might have forgotten some things, so check the AA list.

You MUST disable speed camera detection on all your devices which have mapping/sat nav. We have sat nav on all phones, tablets and in the car - so have to remember to ensure that they are off. You can get into big trouble if stopped by the police and they can see that you have speed radar detectors on.

Keep change for tolls. Or get one of the toll automated tags. We have one and it has been great for the past three years. Saves time queuing at toll booths. Try APRR - it's the one I got ours from.

Umm.. anything else just ask.

sleepwhenidie Thu 16-Jul-15 09:14:42

I thought you didn't need the breathalyser any more ... Will check.

Credit card is fastest in tolls (unless you have TAG) whizzes in and out really quickly smile

iwantgin Thu 16-Jul-15 09:18:01

The breathalyser law is postponed indefinitely - apparently. But still recommended by AA to carry one.

OctonautsAgain Thu 16-Jul-15 10:27:11

Fantastic, thanks all. I'll add up the individual items and see if cheaper. Is it true you need vests for all in car?

Will look at toll thing. How do you work out whether you'll be going through which tolls? Blimey I really need to start preparing for this epic journey at some point!!

Also any hints for downloadable games or programmes for iPads for kids for both journey and evenings would be great. No judging please, 8 hours of I Spy and other worthy non-technological pursuits are not likely to happen in my car

iwantgin Thu 16-Jul-15 12:00:06

Not sure if all passengers require hi vis or if it os just the two front seat people? We carry four to be safe. One in each door pocket. They are v cheap. Can get them from markets etc too.

Re tolls. If you plan your routes using then it details where the tolls are and how much each charge will be. Very useful.

Don't know about games. Sorry. We had a twin screen dvd player but ours weren't that bothered. They are teens though.

lavenderhoney Thu 16-Jul-15 15:11:01

I bought my toll tag via euro tunnel website as I got a discount using my euro tunnel ref number.

It's going to make tolls a breezesmile also I have checked out and printed my route with AA route map and I'm just updating my sat nav as I type. I'm slightly worried about sat nav fainting so I have also committed the route to memorysmile

I bought my kit off amazon for about £13. If your car has the new plates with GB on you don't need a sticker.

We have in car DVD player, talking books and many many snacks and bottles of water. And fiddly toys, and if anyone is naughty, the times tables cd is going onsmile

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