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Isle of Wight

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LittleTurtle Wed 08-Jul-15 12:54:53

Hi All,

I am trying to book a family holiday with small kids ages 3,5 and 7. I saw some reasonably priced holidays on Park Resorts for Thorness Bay for the summer. Only thing is we come from London and don't have a car. I could rent a car I guess, but that would kind of defeat the purpose in that we could go somewhere else more expensive, but not needing a car - like Butlins. Anyway we were looking forward to book a caravan stay as the kids have never stayed in one before, and we hoped to spend all our days at the beach. But the Park Resorts is not that clear on their holidays eg.:

- How will we get there from the harbour without a car (which harbour anyway)
- How far is the beach, and is it sandy?
- How far is the catering place from the caravan, if we take the full board option
- How far is anything else, like shops, bars etc. when we get tired of the beach or the weather is not so good, also are there any amenities at the caravan site or on the beach, basics like ice cream, food, beach toys etc.
- They are vague on their on site entertainment too

We are used to going to either a proper seaside town or enclosed villages like Butlins or Centre Parks, so I am not clear at all to what is going on at Park Resorts, looks good, but I feel like we are going in blind. Any info would help.


anatommy Sat 11-Jul-15 16:34:37

Ive been there first time last 12th of june and looking for get back.are u single mother? are u interested in share? i could guide u there.Im a brazilian single mother with a well behaved 5y old boy.Also live in London.

LittleTurtle Sun 12-Jul-15 09:37:01

Thanks for the response anatommy . I did ask the same question at another forum and people who live in Isle of Wight and those who have been to Thorness Bay all say it's hard to go without a car as the place is isolated. It is only serviced by one bus per day. And the small beach has no shops or facilities. They suggest places like Shanklin or Sandown rather.

But we were hoping to go quite soon, though it looks like our caravan dream may not come true and we would have to settle for a hotel stay somewhere.

anatommy Sun 12-Jul-15 11:34:19

I have stayed at Shanklin over the weekend and just have some trouble exploring around bcz had my mum doing photos all the time and consequently staying behind and making us miss some buses that are supposed to pass every half hour.I think shanklin and sandown are definitely the best place to stay with children

anatommy Sun 12-Jul-15 11:37:52

if u can arrange ur trip on weekdays as over the weekend tesco or others supermarkets close really early and also pharmacies.I spent must of my sunday looking for a open boots to find the liquid solution to my sisters contact'lenses.So I definitely promised myself to return more organized lol

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