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Help me pack for Pont-Aven!

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CrystalHaze Mon 06-Jul-15 21:27:39

This year will be our first time on the west coast of France ~ in recent years we've gone to Greece and Ibiza, where I'm familiar with the climate and know what to pack.

This year we'll be going to Pont Aven in Brittany at end of July/beginning of August, and I'm finding tricky to translate the average temps into appropriate clothing. The guidebook says the weather is likely to be 'relatively mild'; Greece/Ibiza have been roasting the last few years, so it's been minimal/coolest possible clothing. Are we likely to be chilly at night? Do we need cardis? Long sleeves?

I don't want to cart over a load of stuff that we won't wear, but I don't want to be huddled under a blanket shivering either!


TheFallenMadonna Mon 06-Jul-15 21:32:58

We've been near Pont Aven the last two years. Weather has been variable. Not Greece hot at all. Much like the last week or so in South East really. Some days mid-high twenties, some in high teens. Some rain. Take cardigans and raincoats!

Shockers Mon 06-Jul-15 21:41:21

Take shorts and jeans/trousers, t-shirts and long sleeves, sandals and closed shoes... and a waterproof coat!

Think of our weather, then be pleasantly surprised if it's better (it frequently is, but you need to be prepared).

Some of my favourite memories are of my children on the beach at Port Maneche. It has rocks with pools stuffed with sea creatures when the tide is out, a pontoon to dive off when the sea is in, a row of little white beach huts and French families cooking freshly harvested mussels over little stoves. It's one of my happy places smile.

Have a wonderful holiday!

CrystalHaze Mon 06-Jul-15 22:24:28

Thank you ladies, that's a huge help - I was about to drag our standard '90 degrees in the shade' Greece attire out of the loft and I suddenly got a bit confused

So, plan for average British summer and its a bonus if it's better. smile

Millymollymama Tue 07-Jul-15 14:32:39

It usually is better weather but sailing is a big sport there so expect windy conditions some days. It is a great destination for families and lots of beaches with childrens' activities.

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