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So IF we end up stuck waiting hours to board the Eurotunnel tomorrow...

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loomer Thu 02-Jul-15 13:11:32 are we going to keep the 3yo entertained?! I've never done the chunnel before. Are we able to get out of the car once we've 'checked in' or do we have to sit in the car for hours on end? I am packing lots of toys and snacks and films etc. but I wasn't planning on spending hours driving AND then having to spend hours stationary as well.
It could be a bl**dy nightmare - please reassure me??

UsainWho Thu 02-Jul-15 13:15:06

We got delayed for a while one time. You queue up in rows, easy to get out the car but not really anywhere to go, I recall vending machines and loos! We just walked up and down the rows looking at the cars, chatting to willing families and old people! Some people had dogs too which added an interest for a small child!

castlesintheair Thu 02-Jul-15 13:23:19

I use the tunnel a lot. There are always delays esp coming from France back to UK. Once you've checked in and if there is a delay you can go to the shopping / food centre (bit rubbish) before you go and sit in a queue of traffic prior to boarding. If you choose to wait in queue, yes you can get out of car but there's nothing to do. We had a 4 hour delay once and couldn't turn the engine off as the traffic was just edging.

QOD Thu 02-Jul-15 13:25:43

There is area that's fairly bug that you can go in before you're in your queue Linea but I'd imagine it's heaving with people

CalebWomble Thu 02-Jul-15 13:27:43

When we've had delays at the tunnel, we've spent most of it at the terminal, so yes, you can get out, look at the shops, and hang around in the car park. It's not brilliant, but it's better than sitting in a queue in the car.

loomer Thu 02-Jul-15 13:29:17

Thanks, the option of at least stretching our legs and chatting to random pets makes me a lot less apprehensive. I'd love to avoid any kind of shopping temptations ("Can I get this?" "No"... "Can I get this?" "No"... "Can I get this?" "No"... ad infinitum) BUT it may be the lesser of the evils!

CalebWomble Thu 02-Jul-15 13:30:52

The worst bit tbh if it's busy/delayed is waiting in the queues to check in/get through passport control when you first arrive. When you've done that you can park up and relax for a bit whilst waiting for your train to be called.

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