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Family of 9 need a holiday!

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Nunny9 Thu 02-Jul-15 11:37:59

Hi, we are a family of 9 - 7 children aged 13 to 1. 5 boys bookended by 2 girls. We have saved £750 for a much needed holiday in the UK. But where can we stay for that money that will accommodate us all? Any help much appreciated!

Artandco Thu 02-Jul-15 11:42:28

You need to buy a tent really. I don't think anywhere in the UK will be affordable for 9 people tbh on £750 otherwise.

Can you buy two large bell tents -5m ones, at £350 each. Then can holiday every year after and additionally in bank holidays for just the cost of campsite fees?

Nunny9 Thu 02-Jul-15 11:51:47

Thanks. We did use bell tents last year and it was great for a couple of days but very hard work! Lol!

ninaaa Thu 02-Jul-15 12:23:44

Try They have some nice self catered cottages, some of which are very large and can fit a family of your size.

Is the youngest still in a cot, in which case you only need accommodation for eight and a travel cot. You could probably also book a smaller accommodation and bring some airbeds for some of the kids, and that will maybe save some money.

Are you looking to go away this summer? You have left it a little late, many places will be booked up by now, but you might find something.

ninaaa Thu 02-Jul-15 12:29:12

If you fancy Scotland, this place has a week available mid August for £650, and can fit you all.

PotteringAlong Thu 02-Jul-15 12:30:33

Have you thought about youth hostels?

KitKat1985 Thu 02-Jul-15 12:58:07

Try here:
Good luck!

MorrisZapp Thu 02-Jul-15 13:01:42

If your house is in an interesting area you could look at house swapping?

My dad did it and had a brilliant time.

mummymeister Thu 02-Jul-15 14:27:06

Sorry but I think £750 for a week in anything other than a tent is unrealistic. you could look on some of the large property sites like and bigholidayhouse both of which specialise in properties for 8+ people. however in school summer hols you would be looking at double this for a cottage large enough. agree with others that with a large family and a small budget you are going to have to be a bit creative and look at something like house swap, camping etc. good luck.

mary21 Thu 02-Jul-15 16:33:06

I just did a search on using England as the search area and a few thinks came up. I discounted the baby as they would be in a cot;label=apartments-Qvqc%2Aeb3lXMdzMG5z3j3kwS23513037892%3Apl%3Ata%3Ap1%3Ap2%3Aac%3Aap1o1%3Aneg;sid=56623a942abb14f3506c258b48446fce;dcid=4;checkin=2015-08-01;checkout=2015-08-08;ucfs=1;group_adults=1;group_children=1;age=10;group_adults=1;group_children=2;age=8;age=6;group_adults=1;group_children=2;age=4;age=2;req_adults=2;req_children=6;req_age=12;req_age=10;req_age=8;req_age=6;req_age=4;req_age=2;group_rooms=101575901_83645755_8_0_8_0_0;srfid=e4169f28d3f42d8b309fd210a3bfa76193d25474X1;label=apartments-Qvqc%2Aeb3lXMdzMG5z3j3kwS23513037892%3Apl%3Ata%3Ap1%3Ap2%3Aac%3Aap1o1%3Aneg;sid=56623a942abb14f3506c258b48446fce;dcid=4;checkin=2015-08-01;checkout=2015-08-08;ucfs=1;group_adults=1;group_children=1;age=10;group_adults=1;group_children=2;age=8;age=6;group_adults=1;group_children=2;age=4;age=2;req_adults=2;req_children=6;req_age=12;req_age=10;req_age=8;req_age=6;req_age=4;req_age=2;group_rooms=102181001_83949766_7_0_7_0_0;srfid=e4169f28d3f42d8b309fd210a3bfa76193d25474X3;label=apartments-Qvqc%2Aeb3lXMdzMG5z3j3kwS23513037892%3Apl%3Ata%3Ap1%3Ap2%3Aac%3Aap1o1%3Aneg;sid=56623a942abb14f3506c258b48446fce;dcid=4;checkin=2015-08-01;checkout=2015-08-08;ucfs=1;group_adults=1;group_children=1;age=10;group_adults=1;group_children=2;age=8;age=6;group_adults=1;group_children=2;age=4;age=2;req_adults=2;req_children=6;req_age=12;req_age=10;req_age=8;req_age=6;req_age=4;req_age=2;group_rooms=131764201_85656094_7_0_7_0_0;srfid=e4169f28d3f42d8b309fd210a3bfa76193d25474X6

PotteringAlong Thu 02-Jul-15 18:33:24

How about looking for the travelodge cheap family rooms? You could get 2 - you get 5 to a room do you and DH take 1 room each and divide the kids?

PotteringAlong Thu 02-Jul-15 18:34:15

Dowser Thu 02-Jul-15 21:08:29

The sun holidays starts its token collect this weekend.

A friend of mine gets a week holiday for about £80

Dowser Thu 02-Jul-15 21:12:39

Here's some more ( helpful I hope ) info

missjackson Sat 04-Jul-15 22:28:49

We run a bunkhouse in the Brecon Beacons. You can see availability online, but if you were able to come midweek, Monday-Friday, 4 nights - would usually cost £300 per night, but I would do 4 nights for £500 as long as you cleaned up afterwards! It has big kitchen, dining room and lounge, great base for day trips and walking, but not much else to do., you can see online availability. It's clean and comfortable, but lacks character!

AlpacaLypse Sat 04-Jul-15 22:39:31

I think mahoosive tent is your way forward. One thing about having loads of children is that you can get them to do 90% of the work... You should be able to pick up a cheap massive tent new from Go Outdoors, or try Ebay. Then for sites, try the Camping And Caravanning Club and look at their member only Temporary Holiday Sites list. Some gorgeous locations for less than a tenner per night.

You may have to splurge on a (ahem) 'Utility Tent' and a portable loo to use these, but I bought both items new for less than £80.

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