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4 week family holiday - with baby

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shirkingworking Thu 25-Jun-15 13:01:51

Hello - we're in the position this year of being able to have a long summer break and I was wondering if anybody had any ideas. We have three children - 7, 6 and 6 months... The baby rather limits our mobility as we still need to sterilise bottles etc. We're prepared to throw a fair bit of money at it, as it's a one-off opportunity, but are slightly stumped. We're considering two two-week holidays (maybe a villa with a pool and two weeks doing something Mark Warner-esque) or possibly a cruise (so we don't have to keep packing up but can see a few places) but those options seem rather uninspired. Does anybody have any ideas? I'm not keen on a campervan or camping with 5 of us, including a baby, but open to most other options!

Thank you...

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