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Has anyone done the Iceland stopover thing en route to US?

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mrsbabookaloo Tue 23-Jun-15 15:11:55

I've had a look for previous threads on this and couldn't find any. We're flying to Portland via Iceland in July and have 20 hours in Reykjavik, arriving late at night and flying out 5pm the next day.

I was all excited at first and planning to go to the Blue Lagoon, but as it nears I'm getting cold feet: I've read mixed reviews; it's expensive, and it might just be a giant hassle when we've half our minds on getting on our flight.

I guess the alternative is to go into Reykjavik itself, which I know is a lot further, but we wouldn't spend as much money (Blue Lagoon will cost us 140 Euros) and we might see more en route.

We've got 2 dds, aged 6 and 9. Any advice?

OldBeanbagz Tue 23-Jun-15 15:28:24

I've stopped over in Iceland though we were there for 4 nights stopever. I think 20 hours is a bit too short. Having said that it will be almost 24hrs of daylight in July so you might not get any sleep!

You would probably be better getting the bus from the airport to Reykjavik as there's not much in the way of airport hotels. If you did that you could get the return bus via the Blue Lagoon the next day but you wouldn't have much time for sightseeing. Could you stay one more night?

We booked an apartment just off the main street in Reykjavik through AirBNB and it cost us £144/night. It would have been big enough for a family as there was a sofa bed and double bedroom.

Our DC loved the Blue Lagoon when we were there on an earlier trip. It's well worth a visit.

Don't forget to buy food to take on the flight for the adults (the kids will get fed) as the Icelandair choice is not great.

mrsbabookaloo Tue 23-Jun-15 15:32:25

Thanks for these tips oldbeanbagz! No, can't stay another night; that's why it has to be either the Blue Lagoon or the city, not both. But you think the Blue Lagoon is worth the money?

OneDayWhenIGrowUp Tue 23-Jun-15 15:37:14

I enjoyed Blue Lagoon very much; but as an indulgent experience with a friend, getting in-water massages and drinking lots of wine whilst lazing around- with younger children it's basically just a big swimming pool, they might get bored? We spent about 5-6 hours there, but mostly not doing a lot.

OldBeanbagz Tue 23-Jun-15 15:57:38

If you had a bit more time to relax it would be ok but if you have to dash back to the airport for a 5pm flight, it's probably not worth it. I'd go for the city option instead.

Theas18 Tue 23-Jun-15 15:59:21

Blue lagoon is the run of from the heating plant IIRC!

We didn't go. I'd say do the city instead it's lovely. There are outdoor hot pots at the city swimming pools too, for very few krona!

mrsbabookaloo Tue 23-Jun-15 17:17:17

Theas18 - yes, I've seen one nearer to the city which is much cheaper! In Mosfellbaer. Might be a possibility if we can figure out how to get there.

ConcreteElephant Tue 23-Jun-15 17:22:00

I'd go into the city - it's beautiful. Find a hot pot there.

Blue Lagoon is lovely but I wouldn't take a 6 and 9 year old - it's pretty warm in there and there are some hot spots in the water which you need to swiftly swim away from!

We honeymooned in Iceland and spent a few days in Reykjavik - it was wonderful.

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