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First holiday with 11 month old, driving to SW France... Help!

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songbird54 Mon 22-Jun-15 11:30:51

Hi there, we are setting off on our first abroad holiday with 11 month old DS on Saturday, driving (!!) to SW France and staying in a lovely gite with a pool.

Just looking for any tips on surviving the journey, what to pack, keeping safe while we're there.

The gite is owned by family friends but we have very sketchy info about what is provided, and it isn't likely to be childproof at all - so we're taking our play pen to keep DS from wandering into any danger.

The main thing freaking me out a bit is I don't know what we'd do in an emergency if DS was ill or had an accident of any kind. We have travel insurance and EhIC cards but who do you phone? I read there's not a public ambulance service, and I'm not sure how we'd find a doctor? (We're near a village but not in a resort or anything...) Worrying more than warranted but we had a bit of a panic when DS ate some flowers (!) this weekend and we couldn't find out if they were poisonous, 111 were really helpful but it's just made me think what if this happens while we're away...

Thanks in advance x

frenchfancy Mon 22-Jun-15 16:40:19

In case of an emergency dial 112. You will get someone who can speak English. There are ambulances, but in rural areas emergencies are dealt with by the fire service. If you need a doctor and can't find one then go to the nearest pharmacy (France is full of them) and they should be able to help.

songbird54 Mon 22-Jun-15 20:04:11

Thanks Frenchfancy - that's v reassuring! x

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