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Beach holiday essentials

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WestYorkshireGirl Sun 21-Jun-15 21:55:04

I am currently experiencing my first proper beach type holiday in the Côte d'Azur and am learning what I should have packed for a hot country!

My feet are in a state so should have bought a foot file and all the women have these nifty little dresses to go over their costumes to walk to the beach to avoid getting fully dressed. As I plan to come again with my DD (4 ) and DH again, what are your beach / hot weather essentials?

CrystalCove Tue 23-Jun-15 12:58:44

Water spray for my face, love the feeling!

hifi Tue 23-Jun-15 16:32:37

i have a few of these, just throw them over swimsuit. Good when you are going to lunch too.

hifi Tue 23-Jun-15 16:33:46

a really lovely beach bag with one of these in it to keep things tidy

hifi Tue 23-Jun-15 16:36:54

have shellac on your finger and toe nails, it lasts for weeks. I also get my eyelashes tinted, don't have to worry about mascara.
I love a sea spray for my hair and a deep conditioner too.
I love a straw trilby hat, some great shades and a couple of nice beach jewellry pieces.

hifi Tue 23-Jun-15 16:40:17

this style looks great for evening

hifi Tue 23-Jun-15 16:41:36

specialsubject Wed 24-Jun-15 15:04:40

walk on the sand to sort rough feet.

shorts and t-shirt go over swimsuit. Or wear boardshorts, decent for off the beach and great as swimwear as they dry really quickly. Do rinse off after going in the sea though, as otherwise the salt crystals dry on the shorts and you get chafed.

AbiiMx Wed 24-Jun-15 21:17:57

If you go to primark they have a lot of over bikini tops which are slightly see through... They are very light and are easy enough to take off :-)

WestYorkshireGirl Wed 24-Jun-15 21:35:30

Thanks everyone - some great ideas!

ihatethecold Wed 24-Jun-15 21:57:35

I've bought some dresses from Amazon for the beach for about £6.
For the price it's very good quality

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