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AnnaDelos Wed 17-Jun-15 17:08:26

Hi, I have just paid online for my LO's passport for september holida, it states that they need the parents full birth certificate and passport, question is, do you send both parents birth certificate and passport, and do they need to be the originals?

Supervet Wed 17-Jun-15 17:13:59

I don't remember sending either but it's a few years back. if I did I definately didn't send exhs

Misty9 Wed 17-Jun-15 18:50:19

I got dd her first passport and just had to give our passport numbers, not send the passports? I had to send her birth certificate though.

I think if you as the parents were born after 1984 you have to give your parents details...but that's all? There should be a faq section?

SooticaTheWitchesCat Wed 17-Jun-15 22:26:24

I just sent my DDs birth certificate and mine and my husband's passport details, we didn't have to send the passports or birth certificate. DH doesn't even have on as he isn't form the UK.

HeadDreamer Thu 18-Jun-15 07:34:37

Are you filling the form online? You might be confused about the different requirements for nationality claim which require different documents. In the online form, you will only see sections and documents required that are relevant to your application.

For a UK born child, it's only birth certificate and one parents passport number.

HeadDreamer Thu 18-Jun-15 07:35:13

Actually might be not even birth certificate. I think they looked it up online...

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