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Norway advice anyone?

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Theas18 Sun 14-Jun-15 00:03:31

Just booked flights for a week in Norway - yay!

Probably the " Norway in a nutshell package " as the Bergen railway is a must and and a bit of cruising on hurtigruten would be lovely too.

Any reccomend actions re where to go / what to see etc. None of the hoiray apart from flights is set in stone yet...

Thanks all!

Kez100 Thu 18-Jun-15 08:05:13

Mmmmmm, not sure. We did Norway on a small cruise ship so we could get the best of the coast, islands and Fjords with affordable food and drink! However, our exploration "on land" was curtailed by ship docking and leaving times.

The Fjords are a must but which one to choose I don't know as we obviously only went to ones accessed by our ship. It wouldn't surprise me if there are some quieter ones that you would be able to get to as you are on land, so to speak. There are some lovely activities available in the Fjords and kayaking was one that appealed to me.

Bergen was OK but nothing special. We enjoyed the floribana (sp?) the little cliff railway train and then, from the top, we went on a walk which I think was waymarked or came with a map.

If you are on a budget then suss out some ideas of where to eat before you go - it seemed excruciatingly expensive when we were there, and that was some years ago. I recall a Holiday Inn type hotel offering a pizza type meal deal at £30 a head.

Not very helpful I know. Seems negative but it is not meant to be - I loved Norway.

Millymollymama Thu 18-Jun-15 19:22:24

I really liked Bergen. Not so keen on Oslo. We stayed near the new Opera House in Oslo and the area was unfinished. I would have loved to have gone to the Kontiki Museum (that ages me). Drinks and food very expensive in the attractive waterfront areas.

Bergen has a fantastic area of preserved houses and the Hanseatic Museum is good. We also saw the amazing collection of silver in the Bergen Art Museum. We went to Sognefjord and Nordfjord. We did Norway in a Nutshell too and it is worthwhile. I would also include seeing a stave church if you can fit one in. The one at Urnes is a world heritage site. Further north from Bergen there are more fjords and islands to visit. There is the Geiranger fjiord which is spectacular too. You probably won't have time to go to the Lotofen Islands but they are fantastic. Have a great time.

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