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Flying with Delta -seat allocation-help!

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TheWitTank Sat 13-Jun-15 22:30:22

We are flying to America in a few months time with Delta and have been trying to book "preferred seating" on their website to ensure that we are sitting with the children (2, ages 7 and 9). It's particularly important that one of us is with my son who has Aspergers and will be stressed out if separated. Unfortunately all the main cabin seats seem to be allocated aside from 2 or 3 odd scattered seats! Have we been allocated seating already? Will we really be split up from the children on a 9 hour flight?! Or are some seats kept back for allocation nearer the time (have read a few bits about this on the Internet). I am going to ring the airline to query this, but just wanted some mumsnet experiences up front.

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