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Woburn on Whinfell (again!)

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eminthebigsmoke Wed 10-Jun-15 00:05:41

Hoping to go to Center Parcs with my sister, our husbands and the 3 DC we have between us (a 6mo and two 4yo). We've been to Whinfell a few times and have always enjoyed it but are wondering about trying out the shiny newness of Woburn.

Has anyone been to both? What did you think? Is it worth the little extra to try Woburn?


eminthebigsmoke Wed 10-Jun-15 00:28:22

....meant to say - we are probably looking at staying in the Woodland style accommodation. No WiFi for us smile

clottedcreamteawithscone Wed 10-Jun-15 10:25:18

We hated Woburn main reason it is very, very hilly.

Also the pool is not a patch on the other CP's, it's awful looks like a quarry pit and is very small you definately cant swim and felt like sardines!!! The lazy river is great but they have introduced the donut rings which knock into you if you are just lazing in the river. Also we found the forest isnt established enough yet and wildlife isnt either.

On the plus side the staff are good and accommodation is great as it's all new

eminthebigsmoke Wed 10-Jun-15 10:50:21

clotted that's exactly what we need to know - pool and nature are the main draws so sounds like we're better off sticking with Whinfell. Thanks!

IceBeing Wed 10-Jun-15 17:06:59

travel advice doesn't seem to have much traffic...

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