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pontins yes no?

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2boys2girls Sat 06-Jun-15 09:14:25

Does anyone feel pontins as bad as everyone says ? I have stayed at brean sands and camber sands and whilst not great it was I guess "you get what you pay for" so would stay again .. I'm interested in staying at Southport only because its cheap and I've never been that part of country.
Am curious on other peoples oppinins/experiences of pontins as a whole

Buttercupsandaisies Sat 06-Jun-15 09:21:19

Do not stay at southport!!!!! I live not far and it's an absolute dump. Honestly don't waste your money. Try haven instead or go camping smile

It was actually on a documentary last many issues.

2boys2girls Sat 06-Jun-15 10:09:30

Thanks for reply , I read so many mixed reviews so to hear from a local is great , x

kell87 Sat 06-Jun-15 13:31:58

We returned from southport pontins yesterday and had a great time, we was scared after booking and reading reviews but still decided to go ahead with the holiday.
We had a club apartment so can't really comment on the others, it was basic but clean and had everything we needed, We didnt use the sofa bed we pushed the 2 singles together in one of the bedrooms and the children slept in the other.
The site was clean yes it could do with a bit of paint, the staff was great and really friendly and would go out of their ways to help.
The food in the queen victoria was really nice and fairly priced and there was loads on site to do for the children.
There was a few rough family's on site more there for their selfs than their children and only really out at night time in the bars but there was more familys just like ourselfs enjoying a family holiday.
The night time entertainment for the kids was fab we enjoyed it was much as the kids did, the bluecoats are just great and so funny.
Before we went we didnt think we would want to return but we have already been looking into our next holiday there.
The only complaint I have was the plug sockets in the apartment, there was only 3 other than that we had a blast smile
We thought we would spend loads whilst we was there and took quite a bit with us but we came back with more than half of the money we hardly spent anything really in the 5 days we was there. xx

2boys2girls Sat 06-Jun-15 19:53:54

See this is what's so hard the reviews are so mixed its hard to know, I know by my pontins experience at camber and brean sands its similar to yours kell87, but other people have ripped it apart, as I've done both I thought I'd try maybe Southportor tthe one in Wales but again read awful reviews so thought ask on here

kell87 Sat 06-Jun-15 20:53:07

I think a lot of people go expecting it to be all top of the range but for the price you pay it was well worth the money, I actually can't wait to return lol x

Bunbaker Sat 06-Jun-15 20:56:01

One of my friends went to Pontins in Southport a couple of years ago and said it was awful - and part of the reason were the other holiday makers there.

I must admit that holiday parks are my idea of holiday hell, so I couldn't really comment.

kell87 Sat 06-Jun-15 20:58:11

We was speaking to a family in the soft play area who was from the local area who was just visiting for the day to use the play area and to go for a meal in the queen vic, a lot of people write bad reviews but not a lot write good reviews think we learnt that through going ahead with southport x

kell87 Sat 06-Jun-15 21:05:21

I agree with you about some of the familys on the site was awful screaming at their kids ect but you get that everywhere these day, we didnt really come into contact with any of them, we was sat outside the queen vic on one evening and a woman started talking to us and she was pi**ed out of her head, could hardly stand up but we was just polite and made a get away from her lol where we was in the club apartments the people around us was lovely and all our children play together on an evening on the grassed area, there was no noise at night or anything x

Bunbaker Sat 06-Jun-15 21:27:06

"I agree with you about some of the familys on the site was awful screaming at their kids ect but you get that everywhere these day"

No you don't. Even when DD was little we avoided places with lots of young families because we hate the noise. We actively search out quieter holiday destinations and would rather rent a cottage somewhere quiet than in a holiday park. But we are unsociable.

2boys2girls Sun 07-Jun-15 07:17:49

Well of course you wouldn't come in contact with other families if you avoided and rented out cottages, but agreed you do get that type anywhere really so its not the holiday makers that worry me I s just the cleanliness of the place etc,

Buttercupsandaisies Sun 07-Jun-15 11:00:24

I don't think you do get that anywhere. For example I've been to Hafn y mor haven and prestatyn and both attract pretty rough families (obviously not all). If you travel a bit further to haven at greenacres and quay west, it's totally different with completely different set of families. Both are brilliant. All the holidays have the same cost and standard of cleanliness etc.

Pontins however is way cheaper. Did you not see the documentary on it last year? It was awful and had it as a health and safety nightmare. I know some people who use southport for the day but to be fair, it's only £5 for a whole car for the day so worth it just for the soft play I suppose but I've never found it that clean personally and I don't know many locals who would venture there.

The beach is nice though.

kell87 Mon 08-Jun-15 14:10:33

Yes if your in a cottage closed off from the outside world your not going to get any rough familys ect but to be honest thats what englands like now and I like my children to associate with others rather than be closed off from the rest of the world.
I like these sort of site holidays as I know when I was a child and we used to go to caravan sites ect they was always the best holidays and I have some good memorys and want the same for my children.
We was scared after reading the reviews the night before we went but I'm so glad we went and are already planning on returning in the summer holidays.
Our apartment was spotless when we arrived and had everything we needed for the week, we also only queued for 5 minutes as I know some of the reviews say people waiting a while but we was in club so check in was earlier than most.
There was plenty of staff working around the site, doing gardening, cleaning ect, the grassed areas outside our apartments was tidy and well kept.
I don't know what it was like a year ago or even 2 month ago nor do I know what any of the basic apartmments are like but we really enjoyed it and didnt really have any problems or complaints.
I think it could do with a bit of a refresh and update but for the price what do people expect?
We've paid £800 to go to haven at marton mere in 2 month and tbh I wish I'd of booked pontins instead and saved my self a lot of money never been to haven before either so could change my mind when we get there.
We've stayed in some b&bs in blackpool and quite a few of them have been disgusting and dirty yet have good reviews so its either what people are expecting or they've been working really hard to clean the site up lol I don't know but that was are experince smile x

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