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Destination Ideas?

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FredaMayor Thu 04-Jun-15 14:02:35

Because of work we haven't had a holiday for three years but DP has suggested a two week long haul holiday for the two of us somewhere we haven't been before and wanted my ideas. The list excludes Thailand, China, Japan, Singapore, USA, Middle East, Southern Africa, because of his trips mostly.

Usually DP is not short of ideas, so I'm wondering quite what he has in mind and right now he's not giving anything away.......anyway, to be practical these are some of the things we usually like: hot weather, travel outside of school holidays, five star accommodation but not necessarily hotels, scuba, riding, something to do and cultural interest, day trips driving/trekking/safari. We're too old for backpacking and buses.

And it has to be cheap. No, only kidding, there's no such thing, I know.

I was thinking maybe Borneo (except the north part), Indonesia (not Bali), or Malaysia as places we haven't been but also open to other ideas. Any suggestions? TIA

mummymeister Thu 04-Jun-15 17:54:57

Belize! you will love it, it has everything you are looking for and not many people you know will have been there. it isn't huge ( 6-7 hours drive end to end) they speak English, not many tourists and lots of completely unspoilt bits. we loved the mayan temple ruins, jungle walking, howler monkey following, float trips, waterfall walking etc. then when you are fed up of the mainland go to Ambergris Caye - madonnas la isla bonita. the diving there is phenomenal - snorkelling with sharks, rays etc off of the reef. food was fantastic and lots of top end accommodation with part self catering. loved it. loved it. loved it. message me for more details.

Millymollymama Thu 04-Jun-15 22:42:26

Argentina. Gaucho ranch for the riding and lots things to do and see. Iguasu Falls, Buenos Sires, interesting colonial towns and amazing countryside. Somewhere different and not too expensive when you are there. Fab wine! Great accommodation too. Suggest booking through a South American specialist to get the best advice. (Not sure about scuba there). You could look at Brazil and Costa Rica (similar to Belize in a way). Ecuador and the Galápagos Islands (cruise) if you want something different. Probably everything possible there. (Definitely diving). Not cheap, but worth every penny.

FredaMayor Fri 05-Jun-15 09:16:16

Thanks so much for your ideas, they're great and definitely ones we hadn't though of!

MMM, did you fly direct or stop off on the way to Argentina?

Millymollymama Fri 05-Jun-15 12:05:42

BA go direct to Buenos Aires from Heathrow. Iberia probably go via Madrid but they are pants! Audley Travel can put together a great itinerary! I recommend them highly.

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