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Cape Verde - anyone been?

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Chardonnay73 Wed 03-Jun-15 18:28:24

Looking for next July, don't really know much about it in terms of weather, hotel recommendations etc. Family of 4 - 2 boys aged 12 and 9 who like water slides !

TheFairyCaravan Wed 03-Jun-15 18:30:57

I have.

We went to Boa Vista last year, without the kids. We loved it but wouldn't take kids. There is nothing there, the sea isn't great for swimming in, most days it was red flag days. There were no water slides at the hotel we stayed in. I burnt through factor 50 in March/April because the sun is so strong.

Chardonnay73 Wed 03-Jun-15 22:17:46

Thanks, confirmed what I thought - great for couples,not for kids!

andadietcoke Wed 03-Jun-15 22:19:39

We went at Easter to Boa Vista. Stayed at the Riu Touareg. No water slides at all but it was a lovely resort. Agree not one for kids. We took 20 mo DTDs and it wasn't the most sensible decision!

clottedcreamteawithscone Thu 04-Jun-15 13:26:18

yes nothing at all to do for kids really imo couples only. If you kids like slides we like Cyprus Louis Pathenon or Ibiza Seaview both have water parks attached

TheWitchwithNoName Thu 04-Jun-15 13:27:29

Wouldn't go back, it was too windy for me. Got sand blasted every day and it really got on my wick!

dairyfarmerswife Thu 04-Jun-15 13:31:07

We went to Sal in December with a 2 and 4 year old. Great for them, but not much for older children. It's lovely and unspoilt though, how I imagine the Canaries might have been thirty years ago.

AttilaTheMeerkat Thu 04-Jun-15 16:22:28

Cape Verde is a very under developed island; I would look instead at somewhere like the Balearics or Canary Islands as there will be more to do for your children as well.

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