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Golf for DH and DCs but something else for me. Is it just Portugal?

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mckenzie Mon 25-May-15 12:22:55

I'd like a proper swimming pool (for doing lengths, not just to dip in) and some sightseeing, walks, markets etc to entertain myself while I am a golf widow. Possibly even some bike hire would be good.

We'd like restaurants close by, ideally walking distance but 5 min taxi ride is fine.
I would envisage golf happening every other day max so some other children for mine to mix with essential (age 14 and 10).
We don't want to self cater.

Any recommendations very gratefully recieved. We know we've left it really late. Every year we say we'll get the summer holiday booked by Feburary and every year we fail smile

Thanks in advance.

WaitingForEgg Mon 25-May-15 12:38:01

I'd recommend Turkey, great for golfing plus you get some fantastic spa hotels that are all inclusive. Plus markets and other outdoor things to do.
The Cornelia Resorts are very good and include pretty much everything including A la Carte dining as part of all inclusive.

mckenzie Mon 25-May-15 15:14:28

Thank you. Off to check out the Cornelia resorts.

Gandolfo Wed 27-May-15 07:46:36

Not sure if it is the type of place you are looking for but we have stayed here a couple of times at one of the self catering apartments at the Il Paradiso golf club at Peschiera del Gardo. There are two hotels and two self catering apartment complexes, good golf facilities and a lot to do in the surrounding area. There is an indoor pool - good for proper swimming and outdoor pools. It is not walking distance to the town but there is a shuttle bus every hour if you don't have a car.

mckenzie Wed 27-May-15 08:13:30

Thanks Gandolfo, that definitely looks worth further investigation. Do you know how long it takes to get to the town by any chance? And is there a gym?

lucidlady Wed 27-May-15 08:37:49

What about Martinhal? It's on the Algarve. Fabulous beaches, pools and a spa.

mckenzie Wed 27-May-15 12:08:42

That looks fab lucidlady! Thank you, I just need to check there is golf nearby.

Gandolfo Wed 27-May-15 16:53:40

I think there is a gym in one or both of the hotels but not 100% sure. It is only about 5 minutes into town by bus or car, not really walkable though.

Another place you might want to consider is the south of France around La Napoule, there are some nice courses there and plenty of things to do for non golfers. I can't recommend a hotel as we always self cater, but there are hundreds of hotels there. You would need a car for golf though, so not sure if that would suit you.

TreadSoftlyOnMyDreams Wed 27-May-15 17:20:52

Something like this might work?

mckenzie Thu 28-May-15 17:34:08

Thanks guys for the suggestions. I'm get looking.

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