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Mosquito repellent for my new baby!

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New1stTimeMummy Tue 19-May-15 19:25:42

My baby is yet to be born (2 weeks) but we will be going over to my sister's house in Turkey mid August for a couple of months - he will be about 8 weeks by then if he goes overdue even by a week. The house is covered with mosquito doors etc but obviously the odd one might get in at night and we will probably head out some evenings where he will be less protected. Are there any good natural remedies or repellents just for babies new skin that I could use? I'm getting a mosquito net for his pushchair and his cot over there but I want him to be best protected as he can be. The heat I can deal with (air con on low and fans and staying out of the heat during the day) but I know what it feels like to be a mossie magnet and I couldn't bear my ickle bubba getting bitten!

FoxyJane Tue 19-May-15 19:30:28

We use this and it's very good, we also have family in Turkey. Enjoy your holidays.

New1stTimeMummy Tue 19-May-15 19:41:44

Thank you! x

specialsubject Tue 19-May-15 21:15:42

evidence for citronella is mixed although it does no harm, and obviously you can't use DEET on an infant this small.

the nets are your best bet, and don't panic if he does get the odd bite. Not a disease zone.

congratulations in advance (and hope you get his passport in time, and obviously don't forget to put him on the insurance)

New1stTimeMummy Tue 19-May-15 23:32:10

Thank you!

No of course - as soon as he is here I'll sort the birth certificate out and will pay the extra money to get a passport for him within a week. I can't wait!

I won't be using DEET, not even on myself, but I definitely want the best protection for my baby without putting chemicals on him. Hell, I even distill my own water everyday so I'm drinking fluoride free water so he doesn't drink it through my breastmilk! You should see the amount of greens I've been eating for breakfast, lunch and dinner and all the chia seeds etc - I'm vegan usually but have even been eating oily fish 3 times a week for him lol! After all this the last thing I want to do is put something bad on him, but I over research to the point where I actually know too much that I can't make a decision!

Recommendations are the best thing for me now - partly coz my eyes have gone funny from staring at this computer screen for months doing research on everything baby related! My brain is fried hahaha!

I've read up on citronella and have seen both the good and bad reviews - I think in the end it's going to come down to taking a risk, whatever I do. And nets. On everything!


specialsubject Wed 20-May-15 10:36:24

water is a chemical...

fluoride levels in the UK (assuming that's where you are) are carefully monitored, and there's no evidence that the levels we have are harmful. He will of course need some to reduce tooth decay. Aren't we lucky to have drinkable water from the tap?

happy travels. :-)

Blackforestdonuts Thu 21-May-15 17:59:53

Johnson and Johnson do a great one for kids and I think it's ok for babies too. Little pale green bottle. It's also recommended for adults by friends of mine who are Malaysian jungle guides!!

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