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Mallorca with a baby - any tips?

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KitKat1985 Mon 18-May-15 09:22:21

Hi all. Off to Mallorca in about 3 weeks with our DD who will be about 9 months old. Never travelled abroad with a baby before or been to Mallorca so wondering if anyone had any general tips on travelling with babies, and / or any specific tips for Mallorca (good places to visit etc). We're staying in Sa Coma if that's of any relevance.

Thank you! smile

KitKat1985 Thu 21-May-15 16:02:55

Anyone? Any ideas on good day trips with a baby for example? Palma aquarium looks good. Is Kathmandu park do-able with babies? Or Aqualand water park?

Heels99 Thu 21-May-15 18:31:49

Are you staying near those places? Majorca is a reasonably big island so see what is near, in my experience babies are a bit young for aquariums and water parks. Beach and pool will be fine.

pickwickcrocus Thu 21-May-15 18:46:37

Agree any day trips would be more for your benefit than theirs! We took dd to Majorca when she was 11months and it was a brilliant holiday but the worst day was when we hired a car and tried to sightsee, it was so stressful! Car seat not great, nearly killed a cyclist, awful hills to negotiate, angry locals for whom we didn't drive fast enough, getting lost, nearly driving the car into a wall, not being able to find parking, monsoon rains (only day of bad weather) I could go on....
Suffice to say, I was massively relieved when we arrived back at the hotel and we stayed by the pool or on beach for the rest of the holiday!
We were in port de Soller by the way which is beautiful and I would really recommend a trip to , there's a beautiful vintage tram which links it to valdemossa which is also very pretty, would recommend a trip on the tram if you aren't too far away - sorry I'm not sure where sa coma is.
Would recommend a really good sunshade for which ever mode of transport you have eg for pram or massive wide brim hats for if you are carrying in a sling.
Can't really think of anything else other than normal holiday advice, nothing specific to Majorca really. Have a lovely time!

KitKat1985 Thu 21-May-15 19:07:50

Thank you ladies! Yeah the day trips would be for us really rather than DD who I'm sure will be too young to care. I guess I was more wondering if they were places that were reasonably buggy accessible etc? We're going with Thomson who do excursions to these places so we shouldn't have the hassle off trying to negotiate the roads ourselves so that's not an issue per se. Me and DH aren't very good though at just lazing by the pool / on the beach for too long as we get bored easily, so need to have some plans! grin

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