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Canada/US formula

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soundsystem Sat 02-May-15 19:56:12


We're taking our DD to Canada for a week and then to the US for a week, when she'll be 7 and a half months. We've started weaning and it's going well, but she'll still need quite a lot of formula. At home she has Hipp, which isn't available over there.

I'd prefer not to have to lug two weeks worth of milk with me, but thinking switching to something different might have a negative effect? Not sure if it's worth changing before we go so she gets used to is, but I suspect that even the same brand will be slightly different receipe, so might just be giving us all extra stress with no real benefit.

She's generally a pretty adaptable/cheerful wee thing, so maybe I just accept that the first couple of days might be a bit challenging with new food plus jetlag, and get on with it?

Any advice or experiences you can share would be much appreciated.


AttilaTheMeerkat Sun 03-May-15 09:09:00

When are you travelling?.

I would take enough tins to last the two weeks, they are not all that heavy really and could go into a suitcase.

Jetlag will probably be more of an issue for you all on the return journey rather than departing for the East Coast

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