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Booster Seats on Emirates?

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ihearttc Sat 02-May-15 11:46:21

Just wondered if anyone knows if you can check a child's booster seat on a Emirates flight and if you have to pay for it?

Heels99 Sat 02-May-15 17:45:32

CAn you put it in your luggage or get a bubble bum instead?

ihearttc Sun 03-May-15 08:02:38

It won't fit in our luggage-its actually a trunki boostapack but we aren't using it on the flight so thought it'd be easier to just go in the hold.

I did look at a bubble bum but the reviews were better for the Booster Pack.

There is nothing on Emirates website so might just have to call them.

Heels99 Sun 03-May-15 08:36:14

The good thing about the bubble bum is its inflatable so rolls up to nothing, can carry it around in handbag in case get in a taxi, bus etc on holiday.
Could you take the booster as hand luggage?

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