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Regency Country Club Tenerife - anyone been? A couple of questions!

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MtnBikeChick Wed 11-Feb-15 11:02:45

Quick question...has anyone been to the Regency Country Club in Tenerife? I have a couple of quick questions, if so!

1. How well stocked is the shop? Did they sell nappies/wipes/milk (regular milk not formula)/tea/coffee/bread/ham/fruit etc?

2. We have a 3 bedroom apartment � I understand these are in the rear block but overlooking the pool/sea. I am concerned by some tripadvisor reviews that mention road it that bad?!

3. Is the restaurant OK (not L'Estancia, the regular restaurant in the hotel) for quick lunches, etc, with the kids?

4. Any other tips? This is our first time in Southern Tenerife � having been to the North before. Looking forward to a little bit of warmth!

rookiemere Thu 12-Feb-15 17:02:05

Hi Yes I have been 4 times (booked in for a 5th so will endeavour to answer your questions.

1) The shop is not huge, they do have fresh milk, tea coffee, fresh baguettes, a little bit of fruit, probably nappies but haven't needed to buy so couldn't say. It's run by a British couple so tends to run to British taste things. You could get a welcome pack for when you arrive where they pick up things for you from the shop might be worthwhile if you get in late, costs 23 euros I think - just email reception about it

2) We've stayed in a 3 bedroom at the rear before. Downside is its a bit of a walk to the pool and our apartment wasn't as modern as the other ones we have stayed in , but this was 5 years ago so may have been updated since. I don't remember there being any traffic noise

3) Restaurant is fine, it's snack rather than gourmet food during the day so they do salads, baguettes, omelettes, that sort of thing.
Breakfast buffet is good, but not worth paying the full price for if its not included in your pacakge. L'estancia does fine French dining - it's surprisingly child friendly if they're ok to sit still for a bit and they have a residents menu which is very good value at 25 euros for 3 courses.

Have a great time, we love the Regency, our DS particularly loves Allis afternoon Bingo at 3 (ish) don't miss it !

MtnBikeChick Fri 13-Feb-15 20:54:07

Thank you so much for this helpful info smilesmile

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