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10 month old in Shanghai

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littlelucer Tue 10-Feb-15 08:08:10

Hi all
My partner is heading to Shanghai for work for 2-4 weeks in March, and wants me and our 10 month old son to join him. Initially I was pretty excited - now I'm thinking about the practical stuff and wondered if anyone has any advice?

I'm worried about the smog and being able to take our son out and about in the day (he's not a big fan of staying indoors all day, esp not for a few weeks!)

I've read Shangahi isnt great for getting around with a buggy - unsure why - I can sling, but would rather have the option.

I've tried to find some expat type/ english speaking baby groups so that we have a few things to do during the daytime. We do a lot of groups/ playdates here and I think we'd both find it tricky to not have much to do. I havent had much luck so far finding things, so any pointers would be great.

I've read that you need to be careful re: vegetables/ water etc so am curious to find more about this in terms of feeding him solids. I could just buy pre packaged stuff I guess for ease, but we would probably stay in an apartment so would prefer to cook his food from scratch if possible.

I'm sure all the locals and other tourists cope in Shanghai with babies, but as its just so far and the trip is so soon I'd appreciate any advice people had.
Thanks v much x

Artandco Tue 10-Feb-15 08:25:31

Shanghai and travelling with a baby is fine. It's just like travelling to any foreign Asian city.

Sling - I would get a good one. Look at boba 4g. At 10months baby can go on front or back with this. Shanghai traffic is very busy and lots of people. Hence sling is easier and safer. A pram pocking out in traffic to cross can be dangerous. Plus not many places are pram friendly ie steps/ too narrow etc. take sling to use most the time. And take a small folding pram ie babyzen yoyo to use in evenings if you want baby sleeping in restaurants/ or walk in a park maybe if close by. Also a foreign looking baby will often get lots of attention ( good attention), in a sling it's easier to keep from touching hands if you want

Vegetables - these are fine. Just make sure you drink only bottled water, and use that water to wash fruit and veg before eating.

Food is cheap out so easier to buy cooked and eat out most of the time tbh. Rice/ veg/ meat is perfect for young baby.

Take formula is baby isn't breastfed as hard to get

Take medicine supply for both adults and baby as can be awkward to get. Just the basics. Make sure baby and you have had any vaccines needed, need to do asap. I think hepatitis might be one.

Don't take too much! A month travel really only needs same as a week tbh, apart from say formula supply. Everyone else is washed. Take rucksack as handluggage/ changing bag there. Can put valuables at bottom or in jacket inside pocket when out, but then hands free to carry sling easily. And plenty of space to carry baby stuff/ water/ anything you buy out.

Have fun! I wouldn't look at groups tbh. They are really for long term expats. Look at all the places to go and visit. Go to a different place daily with baby. Swim daily ( assuming one onsite at hotel/ apartment), or find one nearby.

ShanghaiDiva Tue 10-Feb-15 11:10:52

Agree with Artandco - a buggy will be a pain in Shanghai and a sling may limit the amount of unwanted attention (particularly important if your son is blond)
Pollution is bad in China - even when the sky is blue the air quality index may be over 250.
You will need to use bottled water to cook and for food prep. I think city shop supermarket sells baby food (Hipp brand) and may sell formula - you will need an imported brand.
You will need a decent change mat/disposable mat to take with you when out and about as toilets are unlikely to have any change facilities and floor will not be clean. Toilets in the five star hotels are decent and usually spacious enough to change a baby on the floor.

littlelucer Tue 10-Feb-15 12:00:03

Thanks both, that's really useful advice. Definitely will leave buggy at home! I have an ergo so that's fine - he is a blondie with big blue eyes so will be mindful of that too, thanks for the heads up.

People obviously take their bubs outdoors despite the smog I imagine - so I guess it's just a guess if being sensible and if it's a very bad day, staying indoors.

Thanks again! I feel reassured x

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