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Best place to holiday in Spain

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NicolaLesley123 Sun 08-Feb-15 10:50:26

Hi all
I am looking to take my 10 year old son on holiday in August but haven't been away for years and wanted some ideas of where to go! I's like to take him somewhere where there are plenty of other children for him to play with - he would like somewhere with pools and waterparks. Somewhere where there are loads of restaurants would be good too. I'd really appreciate your ideas!

popflos Mon 09-Feb-15 20:59:33

try in southern spain, good for big kids. and not expensive when i last looked

SpecificOcean Sat 14-Feb-15 20:48:23

Salou has waterparks (and a theme park) nearby, lots of restaurants, nice cafes and ice-cream parlours plenty to do with dc. Lots of families visit so other dc to play with. There was a blow up waterpark moored in the sea which our dc loved.
Cap Salou is lovely and quiet with a nice beach.
Barcelona and Tarragona are easy to get to for days out.

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